10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2018

Hi,Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

There are thousands of people having wide feet! So, Don’t worry!! You are NOT alone!! 😉

Finding the most comfortable and best basketball shoes for wide feet was a challenging task for me.

I must tell you that NOT all shoes are good for wide footers and it’s not an easy job to find the perfect shoes for wide footers.

During the test, i came to know that there are only 10 best basketball shoes which are perfect for wide feet.

While testing, I was also disappointed by some well-known brands. TBH, i didn’t expect that.

But, its good to know that finally, i have ONLY those shoes which are best for everybody having wide feet problem. You must be proud of me  😛

Anyways, Here are the 10 perfect wide shoes that you can buy right now.  😍

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet (Top Picks)

Jordan Men’s Air XXXI – Best Wide Basketball Shoes

The best choice in basketball shoes for wide feet is none other Nike Air Jordan XXXI Low Mens Basketball Shoes (8 D(M) US)
than the Air Jordan XXXI.

The shoes deliver maximum responsiveness and enhanced cushioning to help keep you quick and comfortable during the game’s most explosive moments. You can also use these for running purposes.

It is synthetic-and-mesh. The Flight Speed technology used in Air Jordan XXXI Men’s evenly distributes the compression force of your foot over a full-length Nike Zoom Air unit that maximizes its spring-back response for a more explosive step.

The synthetic leather heel and flexible Fly weave of Air Jordan XXXI Men’s forefoot join seamlessly and allowing your foot to move naturally while remaining supported by quick cuts and transitions.

An inner sleeve wraps your foot for a personalized fit, while foam pods in the heel provide extra cushioning as you land. Flywire cables in these shoes wrap your midfoot for a locked-in fit. The outsole of the shoes is made up of solid and durable rubber.

The heel lockdown is also done well with the inner boot working well with the synthetic exterior to support your heel and ankle with luxury and style.  There is a room for an ankle brace if you wear one!  I mean seriously, the “wide-footers” will even love this shoe!

It has a slightly wider toe box than a typical shoe, so it’s almost as though they were specifically made for a wider foot. The Jordon Men’s Air XXXI has some excellent features as discussed above but it’s not without its drawbacks either.


  • The Jordon Men’s Air XXXI shoes are best for the players with wide feet even the Jordan brand as a whole tends to design shoes for wide feet.
  • The ankle collar of the shoe is designed so well in order to support the ankle.
  • It also contains Zoom Air with Flight Speed plate for cushioning or padding.
  • The traction of these shoes is not as much as perfect for a somewhat dusty or slippery floor.
  • These shoes may be too wide for narrow or regular feet.

Nike LeBron XIII – Best For Dusty Courts

More than the brand name, Nike LeBron XIII consists of multiple Nike Men's Lebron XIII Mid Navy/University Red/White Basketball Shoe - 11 D(M) US
features which make it another excellent choice in the market for the basketball players with wide feet.

These shoes are high top, lightweight mesh construction with a rubber sole is one thing that is worth commending.

Which is also the reason why it is going to be ideal for basketball players with wide feet. These shoes also allow for proper ventilation.

Nike LeBron XIII provides you with extraordinary footing if we look at its outsole we can easily see the hex pods throughout its outsole, featuring large bars that act like herringbone, and are implemented in multiple directions for coverage no matter how or where you are moving.

If you are playing on really dusty courts then I cannot tell you how dust will affect the performance of your shoes but on clean and very lightly dusty courts they have zero issues and are very consistent.

The Zoom Air Hexagon cushions make the Nike LeBron XIII feel nice on your feet. It has hexagonal zoom pads, the three pods in the forefoot and one in the heel.

These two zones cover a big amount of space not to mention they are 13mm thick, which is indeed very thick and as result, you will definitely feel that extra bounce, explosiveness, and impact protection while you are out on the court.

The fit on these shoes is great and very true to size but as always make sure you get the right size for you.

The basketball players with high arches will most definitely want to try these shoes on first because the layer of the shoe that sits on top of the midfoot has zero stretches and could be the downside for some.

The shoes will feel awkward when you get them on your feet but once they are broken-in be ready for a great basketball experience.

All the above-mentioned features Nike LeBron XIII, from their tooling to their fit, have a positive effect on their support. These shoes consist of a wide base that feels stable, and since the base is more extensive than the upper, it supports the foot pleasantly.

The LeBron offer a lot of flex and portability, yet you never feel it extending. You are ready to make plays on the court without feeling like you are stuck in one spot.

  • The Nike LeBron XIII contains Zoom Air Hexagon with 13mm thick cushioning.
  • These shoes provide excellent flexibility, mobility, stability, and support.
  • It also provides great traction even on dusty courts.
  • The break-in period of Nike LeBron XIII takes some time and are possibly hard even after they are broken-in.
  • They can be different to lace, that is, they may not be best for players with high arches.

Under Armour Fireshot – Best Wide Basketball Shoe

The Fireshot also gets remarkable remarks from us since it tends Under Armour Mens UA Fireshot Basketball Shoes 10.5 White
to offer extraordinary compared to other mixes of help and solace for wide feet.

This is a high top basketball shoe. It contains under armor’s Mico-G innovation. Smaller scale G is a froth that is one of a kind to Under Armor, and it is the sole stage for the shoe that takes into account a cushioned, bouncy feel that is additionally responsive on the court.

It is 30% more slender than other contender’s restrictive froth innovation which implies not so much weight but rather more responsiveness and “court feel” than different brands.

We think this is best of both the worlds in case you are searching for both “skip” that encourages you to hop higher and snappy responsiveness on the court when you stop or turn rapidly that you don’t need a delicate, bouncy underside to give your foot a chance to slide over the edge to a lower leg sprain!

The material that the Fireshot is made out of is agreeable, delicate and flexible. This is the main Under Armor shoe that is made out of this kind of work material, and this is another in addition to for those with wide feet. This will permit your foot somewhat more space than in various other Under Armor.


  • The Under Armour Fireshot is made with excellent and flexible material that provides you with a great support.
  • The Under Armour Fireshot is best for wide feet than other Under Armour.
  • The tracking of this shoe isn’t phenomenal and it is not a remarkably cushioned shoe.

Under Armour Curry 3 Zero – Excellent Traction

Steph Curry’s most recent shoe assembles an incredible mix of Under Armour Curry 3Zer0
unending help and aggregate control.

You can’t turn out badly
with a shoe that gives you a vibe for the court while not overloading you.

The Under Armour Curry 3 Zero includes a straightforward herringbone design with thin scores, a turning point in the forefoot and a hard elastic compound.

The traction is awesome and makes for a stunning knowledge inside if the court is a greater amount of the perfect side. In the event that the court is somewhat dusty, the outsole attracts a great deal of clean that requires visit wiping to get it out of the scores.

At the point when there is some dust on the outsole, you will encounter some slippage so keep these puppies as perfect as would be prudent.

Other than that, in case you are a player that utilizations hit steps, v-cuts, step backs (plays like Steph Curry) at that point you will love the responsive traction the Curry 3 gives you on the court.

Charged is the sort of cushioning Curry prefers in his shoes. It does not have as much responsiveness and pad as some different kinds, yet Steph favors no bob or cushion in his shoe; he needs a court feel with the goal that he is prepared for snappy crosses and discharges.

One thing about this kind of cushioning framework is that falling off screen for a brisk shot feels common and strong since there is no bouncy feeling. As such, in case you are a player that utilizations alter of course to move beyond your rival, this cushioning is an extraordinary match; yet in the event that you require more effect assurance due to powerless knees, you should need to pass on the Curry 3 and continue looking.

The fit on these shoes is consistent with estimate albeit restricted, some general feet, and players like a cozy fit may feel better in a half size down. Lockdown in the foot sole area is amazing as a result of the cushioning and binding framework the Curry 3 employment. The main ruin with fit is that it doesn’t generally fit in with your feet.

The Curry 3 offer furnishes an ultra-lightweight help with highlights, for example, the carbon fiber wings on the foot rear area. These wings give additional security to ensure your lower leg is not going anyplace. On the off chance that you do wear lower leg props, the foot rear area zone ought to oblige various supports, yet it is sufficiently strong that a few players did not feel the requirement for extra help.

  • Under Armour Curry, 3 Zero provides excellent traction for an offensive arsenal.
  • These shoes are ultra-lightweight.
  • They are flexible and provide solid support.
  • The charged cushioning of the shoes make you feel awesome at the court.
  • The Under Armour Curry 3 Zero contains charged cushioning but the lack of impact protection in them is a drawback.
  • These shoes are not fit for the players with wide feet.

Adidas D Lillard 2.0 – Most Comfortable Shoes

As we have discussed, most of the shoes on this list so far have been adidas D Lillard 2 Mens Basketball Shoe 11 Black-White-Grey
taken into account those with wide feet that favor a mid-cut or high-cut style. These shoes are also best for kids and girls.

The D Lillard 2.0 is one of the lightest, low-cut shoes out in stores right now. Like a great deal of different Adidas models, this shoe has one rendition made with spry manufactured cowhide material and one made with signature Adidas prime weave.

Either of these works well with wide feet, but as per usual, the prime knit or the woven jacquard is the safer bet with a little bit more give. Synthetic is a bit less forgiving when it comes to molding to your foot. These shoes can also be used for casual wear or on streets.

  • A tire company designs the outer sole of these shoes focuses on good rubber providing them with great traction.
  • The cushioning is fantastic, and the shoe is cozy, keeping your foot contained without confining it.
  • These shoes are flexible and comfortable.
  • These shoes do not provide the best ankle support or rollover potential.

Air Jordon CP3.X Basketball Shoe – Cheap Wide Shoes

Here we have another low profile shoe on the list. Like various Jordan Air 5 Retro OG BG Big Kid's Shoes Black/Fire Red/Metallic Silver/White 845036-003 (5 M US)
other Jordan mark shoes, the Air Jordon CP3.X is made in a way
that takes into account the wide feet problem, and it does as such with an easy-going material.

The shoe is made of a breathable woven material that will permit your foot all the room that it needs to fit into the shoe serenely.

By and large, this is not the best low profile shoe on the rundown, yet it is to some degree practical, as it is a significant part of the CP3 line.

It won’t represent the moment of truth your execution on the court, however, it unquestionably gives enough space for wide feet to not feel smashed by the edges of the shoe.

One of the features of this shoe is really the cushioning that is incorporated into the shoe. It won’t wear out your feet, abandoning them sore.

That can particularly be the situation on the off chance that you have level feet that may overstate some foot pain.


  • The Air Jordon CP3.X is the best fit for the players having wide feet.
  • The price of the shoe is low or we can say it’s cost effective.
  • The cushioning provided by Air Jordon CP3.X is not comfortable, you may experience some pain.
  • Not a best low-cut shoe.

Nike Hyperdunk 2017 – Amazing Traction

Considering all the things, the Hyperdunk line is entirely equivalent Nike Mens Hyperdunk 2017 Basketball Shoes Black/Total Orange/Black 897631-007 Size 8
to the CP3 line,  just in a high-top adaptation with somewhat lower leg bolster.

The Hyperdunk 2017 offers the wide make in the same manner as the CP3.X, however where it contrasts is the material.

Like various basketball shoes nowadays, the Hyperdunk 2017 comes in two distinct renditions, one being customary that is indeed similar to CP3.X and the other is flyknit.

On the off chance that you are stressed over how your feet will fit in this shoe, the flyknit rendition is the one to purchase, in spite of the fact that it is an arrangement pricier.

Nike additionally has an estimating manual for help you in picking the right size. Like the CP3.X, the Hyperdunk 2017 is not the best shoe ever, yet it will take care of business and it won’t hurt wide feet. You can also use these shoes for casual wear and volleyball.


  • The traction on these shoes is amazing and it is easily in vogue.
  • The price of the shoe is low or we can say it’s cost effective.
  • These are not best but better for wide feet.
  • The cushioning provided by Nike hyperdunk 2017 is not comfortable but it won’t hurt your feet.

Adidas Performance D Rose 8 – Great Ankle Support

The Adidas D Rose 8 is an amazing overall performer. It completely adidas Originals Men's D Rose 8, Grey Three/Blue/Grey Five, 7.5 Medium US
nails the two most essential highlights of any basketball shoe and that is traction and support. These shoes provide amazing Ankle support. 

The new “zipper” traction design gives brutal traction, even on dusty courts. Full-length Boost cushioning is flawlessly adjusted and gives a great deal of effect security while as yet being extremely responsive.

The materials are rather basic and may look a little cheap, but they absolutely get the job done. If you are looking for a supportive high top with amazing traction and support then this is the shoe for you.

The Adidas D Rose 8 is an out and out great shoe in spite of the fact that I don’t know whether these will be the reason for various injuries.

It is flexible and lightweight, accompanies great traction and is aesthetically satisfying in a kind of insane way.

The D Rose 8 is not excessively the same as the Nike Hyperdunk, with the cost and specifications, however, Adidas does dependably figure out how to do things in their own particular manner.

The D Rose 8 is another shoe that has a regular version and a knitted version. The prime knit version is probably the one to buy if you are stuck with wide feet.

Be that as it may, Adidas does not take the knitting concept to the extent Nike does, layering the knit with a decent amount of more supportive synthetic materials.

The attack of these shoes is one of the better ones that you will feel, as within bootie feels truly cozy when you are in them. Also, the cushioning works great to give you a touch of a risky edge. The main reason that you should need to consider the Hyperdunk’s over these is the marginally less adaptable material that these D Rose 8’s are made of.

  • Adidas D Rose 8 includes great traction, awesome cushioning, and serious fit which is good for every player.
  • The full-length Boost is thick and plush with serious impact protection providing great cushioning.
  • Provides great fitting even for a wide footer.
  • Provides a good ankle support.
  • They are slightly bulky.
  • It consists of a mesh upper with TPU overlay that gets the job done but they are not exactly premium.

Adidas Performance D Rose 6 Primeknit – Wide Footers Choice

Adidas had another hit with the Adidas D Rose 6, each Adidas Performance Men's D Rose 6 Boost Primeknit Basketball
a material option of these shoes is offering a slightly altered fit.

However, they hit it out of the park with the D Rose 6 PrimeKnit and they are one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

If only every colorway of the Rose 6 offered PrimeKnit as an option then they may have stolen the number one spot of the year in terms of performance.

They are not the newest, they hit the market back in 2015 but received way too much positive feedback for being wide foot friendly!

A player with wide feet just to get the primeknit version of these shoes instead of synthetic leather, so they will hug your wide foot better.

  • Adidas D Rose 6 provides excellent ankle support.
  • The primeknit version of these shoes is best for a wide foot.
  • These shoes are not much responsive in the court due to heavy cushioning.

Under Armour Drive 4 Review –  Great Traction

The last entry in our top 10 is Under Armour Drive 4.Under Armour Men's Drive 4, Black (003)/Bayou Blue, 7  The strongest point of the Under Armour Drive 4 is clearly its traction.

The thick and aggressive herringbone pattern works on every surface and even outdoors.

The Micro-G cushioning in the heel is nice, but the forefoot feels pretty much dead. The materials are very low-key and some reviewers mentioned a slightly painful break-in period.

It runs true to size and has a more than adequate ankle support feature. Overall, this is a solid shoe that outperforms its budget pricing and will work for every style of player, especially if you have wide feet!

  • The price is fair.
  • These shoes provide an amazing traction.
  • These shoes provide very firmly cushioning.

Now let’s discuss few important things.

Why have you wide feet?

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Review

Many of the wide footed people will be curious to know why they have wide feet. Isn’t it?

The more typical motivation behind why your feet are wide is a result of the presence of different restorative conditions that prompt physical changes.

Among others, this can be because of a bunion. In the case of the latter, one of the bones in your foot turn outwards, which is also the reason why it becomes wider.

If you are overweight, this is also another reason why you will most probably have a wider foot. Take note that as your weight increases, all parts of the body tend to grow bigger, including your foot.

How to choose the best basketball shoes for wide feet?

Every basketball player knows what they put on their feet will have a big impact on their game. Looking for that perfect pair for your style of play is easier than it sounds. Each playing style requires a certain attribute or two in order to aid you in your on-court adventures, allowing you to do what you do to the best of your capabilities.

Every player wants to buy the perfect shoes to be better in the field. The shoe choice is thus very important, and there are many questions surrounding the purchase of the right pair.

  • Are they the right size?
  • Are they fit for your type of feet? Or
  • Are they fit for your wide feet?
  • What areas of the shoe should I focus on while shopping?
  • Which brand makes great shoes and how much should I spend?

What is it you really need to know before the selection? We are going to break it all down for you in this section!

Player Type

First of all, we are going to discuss the player type. All the basketball shoes are not created equal. They are created with specifics in mind. One of the first specifics to consider is what type of player you are on the court. Are you more of a power player or a fast player or an all-rounder? This will be a factor in what basketball shoe may be the best for you.

  • Power Player

On the off chance that you are a power player, you should search for maximum cushioning and stability that is going to protect your foot each time you bounce to shoot or bounce back the ball; this may expect you to select a heavier shoe, yet the in addition to is you will get the advantages you require.

  • Fast Player

On the off chance that you are a fast player, you should look for a lightweight shoe. It will have moderate support, cushioning, and flexibility along with keeping you light on your feet. Fast players typically lean towards a lower cut basketball shoe.

  • All-Around Player

On the off chance that you are an All-Around player, you should look for shoes with moderate ankle support and cushion. The all-around player is going to have the most options to choose from because they are looking for the most traditional shoe type and almost all type of shoes fall into the categories they need.


Basketball is a game of cutting, stopping, slashing and other speedy movements. It is critical for a player to make these sort of moves without the fear of sliding and this is the place finding a basketball shoe with extraordinary footing becomes possibly the most important factor.

Basketball shoe organizations have gone well beyond to make the ideal footing examples to give basketball players the most noteworthy measure of hold conceivable. This abnormal state footing or hold enables players to cut speedier, change bearings in a moment, and stop on a dime.

As such, footing can represent the deciding moment a shoes’ on-court performance. It is not something that outwardly emerges, however it highly affects the way you can play your game. Whether it is a new shoe out of the box or one that you have got all broken in, if the traction is not giving you the grip you need to make moves on the court, you may consider another pair.


Padding is crucial for all types of players, it doesn’t make a difference it is possible that you are a greater player, a player that logs forty minutes a diversion, or a more established player that requirements something simple on the joints. With regards to putting your foot into a ball shoe, it’s about what sort of cushion your foot will have while you go hard and fast on the court.

Since there is such a great amount of assorted variety among basketball players, you will discover a decent variety of cushioning too. With so many brands to consider, it’s good to know what sort of cushioning system is in their shoes. Let us take a closer look at some of the top basketball shoe brand’s padding.

  • Nike Zoom Air 

Picture a pad that springs back quick so you can move speedier and that is Nike Zoom Air. Its padding consolidates pressurized air with internal fibers to make that profoundly responsive spring back padding.

  • Adidas Boost 

Boost combines the performance benefits of soft padding and responsiveness to make a pad that gives wearers an ordeal dissimilar to some other. Basically, the more energy you give, the more you get back from Boost.

  • Under Armour Charged Cushioning 

This piece of technology is a two-piece system that couples a soft, plush layer of foam on top of a layer of thick, firmer foam for the critical combination of support and comfort.

  • Jordan Flight Plate 

Since Jordan shoes are also a Nike brand, this padding has double the firepower. The Flight Plate technology serves to enhance Nike Zoom Air. The plate is sandwiched below the Zoom Air padding. The pressure of the Flight Plate against the Zoom sacks makes another level of responsiveness and pad that you can feel on the court!


How a basketball shoe fits on your feet is another important thing. At last, to the exclusion of everything else, it needs to fit accurately on your foot. Here are the two most imperative things to be considered when you are making sense of the correct fit:

  • Broad Toe Box

Give those toes some breathing room! In the event that your shoes are excessively shallow, it can cause weight on your toes which can prompt various things: rankles, callus, ingrown toenails, and wounded toenails. All of which cause uneasiness and can negatively affect your execution.

  • Thumb Space Clearance

Not exclusively do you require space for your toes to spread, however, you additionally don’t need your toes to rub the finish of your basketball shoe. Along these lines, a great run to take after is to giving yourself a thumb worth of room.

When you attempt on the basketball shoe make sure to stand up and verify where your toe is, once you feel your toe put your thumb on the shoe to check whether it breezes through the thumb space test.

For women basketball players: if conceivable, abstain from purchasing men’s bball shoes. Men’s shoes are worked with a more extensive edge than women’s which implies they are not perfect for women’s feet.

All things considered, we comprehend on the off chance that you incline toward men’s shoes, however, our proposal is to stay with women’s shoes to better address your issues.


Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Review

Selecting a basketball shoe that gives your foot bolster is pivotal. Basketball is a session of cutting and bouncing which requires the greatest help, particularly for your lower legs.

If you are a basketball player with a history of weak ankles or in general, want to keep your ankles supported to avoid a future injury then move this category to the top of your priority list.

Ankle injuries are one of the most common injuries in basketball. For the best support, you should avoid low-cut and mid-cut basketball shoes; this may be minimizing your options when it comes to finding great shoes, but it is for a good reason.

You will still be able to find a great basketball shoe that meets your needs and you need a high-cut style. This type of style will limit ankle movement which should increase ankle support and lower risk of injury.

No one shoe can prevent an injury, but the additional support does reduce the amount of stress on your ankle and the wear and tear on the joint. Whether you are a young rookie or an aged veteran, it is always smart to consider your options when it comes to your health and longevity and it starts with your feet and the support your shoes provide while you are on the court.


The style is the last thing you should consider when you’re looking for shoes, but honestly, it is always one of the first things we look at when shopping. To help you not fall into the style trap, we have a few pieces of advice:

  • Just because you like the way it looks does not mean you will like the way it feels on your foot. Ultimately, style isn’t going to help your game, but having the right shoes for your playing style and foot shape will.
  • Don’t get distracted by brands, advertisements, athlete endorsements, and all the glitz and glamor; this is how the big companies are trying to reel you in to buy their shoes.
  • In the event that you need to have the sharp shoe, think about purchasing a couple of shoes for the court and another match for the monotonous routine. By having that stylish pair to put on after the game, it can help you stay focused on buying the right shoes for your feet to have on during the game.

Player type, traction, padding, fitting, support, and style should be taken into account when purchasing one of these pairs of shoes. Solely having wide feet does not mean you should be held back when it comes to on-court performance.


What are the best wide basketball shoes?

Although I have mentioned 10 best basketball shoes for wide feet. But I’ll recommend 3 of them:

Nike LeBron XIII

Nike Hyperdunk

Under Armour Drive 4


With perfect shoes, you can be a superstar on the court while making sure that you will feel relax and comfortable. The shoes that are mentioned above are designed to make sure that your foot will never be too tight.

Considering the top 10 most comfortable and best shoes for wide feet, I suggest you choose the one having ideal traction. As traction is much important when it comes to basketball shoes. Plus, every shoe may not be fit to everyone’s feet, as everyone is having different feet structure. So you need to pick wisely. And I hope this article is going to help you to pick the best for yourself. 🙂

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