Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet

Finding the most comfortable wide basketball shoes was a challenging task for me. I must tell you that NOT all shoes are good for wide footers and it’s not an easy job to find the perfect shoes for wide footers.

During the test, I came to know that there are only 10 good shoes for wide feet. While testing, I was also disappointed by some well-known brands. TBH, I didn’t expect that. But, it’s good to know that finally, I have ONLY those shoes which are best for everybody having a wide feet problem.

Anyways, here are the most comfortable wide shoes that you can buy right now.

Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet (2022 Picks)

Adidas Men Rose 7 Shoe for wide feet

The brand name Adidas is a comfort in itself but that is not all. They have come up with one of the best basketball shoes for wide feet – Adidas Performance Men’s D Rose 7.

It has a strong structure overall that helps in achieving a stronger grip and aids in cutting sideways. The traction is due to the installation of herringbone in the sides and around the outer layer, along with a thick layer of rubber.

The brand has really focused on comfort by providing a full-length, entire base cushion, which is also a source of protection for pressure zones of the feet.

Not only that, but it also focuses on its shoe base which is much more stable than the rest of the products, including features like a spring plate and snug fit. However, there is no bounce factor to this pair which may be a source of disappointment for a lot of customers.

This pair was undoubtedly designed to be comfortable, strong, and in vogue for the players. We highly recommend you consider trying it out before making any purchase decision.

What we liked

  • The shoes have a strong grip that helps in cutting sideways
  • Less prone to any ankle damage due to high padding & support in the ankle area
  • For wide feet protection and support, the entire base is featured with boost cushioning

What We didn’t like

  • No bounce feature installed for athletes
  • The size of these pairs may vary from individual to individual.

Final Verdict

Adidas has come up with a great deal in the form of these pairs of shoes. It has comfort, style, and protection; all in one. However, if you are interested, do not forget to try it out before you make up your mind to purchase it.

Nike Lebron XIII

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Nike Lebron XIII is high-performance footwear that promises you comfort, support, and a great deal of traction.

The pair is intelligently designed with hexagon zoom pads which are spread across. Three of them are present in the toe area while one is present below the heel.

This is not only soft but also gives the athlete that extra bounce right when it is needed. The athletes do not have to worry about putting extra pressure too as these pairs have kinetic flywire cables installed that help in protecting the feet from any kind of injuries.

On the outer sole, large bars are constructed all around to increase the comfort levels while the athlete is on the field or making any sharp cuts.

The product is true to its size but needs a test and trial before purchasing. It might be uncomfortable at first but once its broken, it will surround your feet in comfort and support you will not find anywhere else.

What we liked

  • Ideal as all the best features for mobility, comfort and flexibility are installed in them
  • 13mm thick hexagon cushion technique is all the comfort an athlete requires
  • Ideal for any court due to its great traction

What We didn’t like

  • It May feel uncomfortable initially
  • Not a very suitable product for people with high arches

Final Verdict

If you are all about comfort and a great grip to enhance your performance, this may be the best product for you. However, it may be a little tight and uncomfortable initially and is not recommended for people with high arches.

Nike Son Of Force: Suitable for Wide feet

The shoes from Nike are best suited for courts that are water-prone and slippery. With the Nike Son Of Force Mid Winter edition, you can scratch all bad and purchase it; trust us when we say this, it will fit.

To start with, these shoes come with a water-resistant surface on the upper part to avoid any water seeping inside your shoe. Not only that, its shiny surface gives the shoe its unique look, making it look rather vintage.

The sole is made of a rough design to give the player the perfect grip when playing on a wet court. For an extra touch of coolness, the midsole is made from Lunarlon foam – what could be better than that?

Apart from that, the sole is excellently designed with soft padding that not only gives you comfort but also, makes the pair cozy.

What we liked

  • The rough, rugged sole of the shoe aids in getting a firm grip on a slippery surface, preventing the players from falling off
  • It is 100% waterproof, spill-proof, and very durable
  • The players can use it in any weather or season
  • Features like Lunarlon foam and reflective surface really give it its classy look

What We didn’t like

  • Needs testing before purchasing as the sizes may vary from person to person

Final Verdict

It is an overall good pair if you are looking for style and grip. It has a big range of colors that can suit your personality accordingly. Testing the pair before purchasing would be a good decision.

Nike Air Force 1 wide foot Basketball Shoes

Do not be surprised when we tell you, that this brand of Nike is the first in line to use Nike Zoom Air Technology. The pair has to cushion that enhances the spring-back motion at a desirable speed due to the presence of pressurized air and internal fibers. It is top basketball shoes for wide feet.

It has its focus on responsiveness as well which makes it a great deal and comfortable for wide feet players.

Hold up, we have not even discussed the best part about it yet. It can be used for hardwood, and blacktop flooring as it has enormous shock absorption features. How cool is that?

Not only that, but the aesthetics of this pair is also top-notch. It comes in different colors and color combos which can be paired with different personalities.

Nike has also put its focus on providing great arch support to players’ knees so they can play easily without any worries about any damage.

What we liked

  • Very comfortable and soft sole
  • The brand has a huge line of similar products
  • These are highly durable due to their high-quality leather material

What We didn’t like

  • The style of these pairs might not attract a wide range of people

Final Verdict

If you are into comfort, some grip, and a trendy, hip-hop style that can match your personality, these shoes are for you!

UA Micro G Assert 7 

As for the name of the product, the quality is quite remarkable as well. The inner part is designed to be breathable so that the feet could be comfortable. The mesh-like fabric also allows the inner part to be soft to eradicate any chances of irritation.

The sheath is all high-quality leather that helps you when you make sudden cuts and move; giving you the grip you desire.

The cushion used is Micro G which not only gives a soft feel to the feet but also bounces the step upwards with force.

The durability of these shoes is ensured even with very high pressure. In case of low pressure, the brans have provided the pair with nonmarking rubber. It is greatly shaped and weighs 9.2. oz. Amazing, isn’t it?

What we liked

  • The sole is constructed with rubber that provides the player with traction
  • One can easily move around in these as they are super lightweight
  • The strong built gives the player immense support during games
  • These pairs are highly recommended to players who have flat feet

What We didn’t like

  • The pair do not feature shock-absorbing qualities which might be a concern to some athletes

Final Verdict

For all the features offered, we believe it is a good offer for players. The brand really focuses on all the core qualities needed in a shoe.

Adidas CF Revival

Adidas CF Revival Mid is designed perfectly for those who seek high-quality, trendy footwear. There is a woven upper area of the pair which provides flexibility to the player when making sharp cuts and also makes the pair breathable and comfortable.

These magical shoes are true to size but it is recommended to the buyers to try them out first, before making any purchase decisions as they may be tighter on the sides for some buyers. Moreover, these shoes are best-fit and give a great grip to the athlete during the tournament.

Not only that, but the pair is also incredibly lightweight, helping the players to play easily and efficiently.

The rubber soles are installed to ensure there is good traction provided to the athlete, without any hindrances caused. In addition to that, the toe area is breathable and spacious, which promises no injuries and easy movement.

What we liked

  • Overall a high quality, comfortable material is used to make this product
  • Flexible material helps in ease of movement for Players
  • The suitable price range for the features offered

What We didn’t like

  • The grip may be a little uncomfortable for people with large feet

Final Verdict

This is truly all-in-one footwear from our side as this includes all the important qualities needed in footwear. Test and trial before purchase however will definitely help a lot.

Fila F-13v Basketball Shoes

Fila F-13v is a unique pair of footwear designed for a specific audience that wants style with a touch of class. It follows the Italian design for a change and attracts a lot of athletes for all the features it offers, alongside its unique style.

The upper side of the pair is beautifully designed with leather, which not only gives it a beautiful, vintage look but also gives its structure immense support.

The cushion used in the midsole is EVA which helps provide comfort to the player. This is paired with rubber soles that are soft and comfortable for the feet.

The pair is surrounded by hard rubber for great traction and hold on slippery surfaces. This makes the pair ideal for any type of flooring too.

In short, these pairs give you a great look and make sure you are giving an outstanding performance with all the comfort in the world.

It is easy to move around with as it is only 15.4 o.z. and constructed for arch support. Other than that, the pair eradicates any chances of foot or ankle injuries.

What we liked

  • The style is attractive to many athletes
  • The durability is ensured by the use of high-quality leather
  • The installation of solid rubber really helps in achieving a strong grip.

What We didn’t like

  • Not the best product for high arches

Final Verdict

Athletes who like to play and style simultaneously, this is definitely the product for you. However, it is not too great for people with great arches.

Jordan Men’s Air XXXI

The good choice is none other than the Air Jordan XXXI. The shoes deliver maximum responsiveness and enhanced cushioning to help keep you quick and comfortable during the game’s most explosive moments.

You can also use these for running purposes. It is synthetic and mesh. The Flight Speed technology used in Air Jordan XXXI Men’s evenly distributes the compression force of your foot over a full-length Nike Zoom Air unit that maximizes its spring-back response for a more explosive step.

The synthetic leather heel and flexible Fly weave of Air Jordan XXXI Men’s forefoot join seamlessly and allow your foot to move naturally while remaining supported by quick cuts and transitions.

Durable rubber

Flywire cables in these shoes wrap your mid-foot for a locked-in fit. The outsole of the shoes is made up of solid and durable rubber.

The heel lockdown is also done well with the inner boot working well with the synthetic exterior to support your heel and ankle with luxury and style.

There is room for an ankle brace if you wear one! I mean seriously, the “wide-footers” will even love this shoe!

It has a slightly wider toe box than a typical shoe, so it’s almost as though they were specifically made for a wider foot. The Jordan Men’s Air XXXI has some excellent features as discussed above but it’s not without its drawbacks either.

What we liked

  • The Jordan Men’s Air XXXI shoes are good even the Jordan brand.
  • It also contains Zoom Air with a Flight Speed plate for cushioning or padding.

What We didn’t like

  • The traction of these shoes is not as much as perfect for a somewhat dusty or slippery floor.
  • These shoes may be too wide for narrow or regular feet.

Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro: Wide Nike Basketball Shoes

More than the brand name, Nike LeBron XIII consists of multiple features which make it another excellent choice in the market for wide foot basketball players.

These shoes are high top, lightweight mesh construction with a rubber sole is one thing that is worth commending. This is also the reason why it is going to be ideal for you. These shoes also allow for proper ventilation.

Nike LeBron XIII provides you with extraordinary footing if we look at its outsole we can easily see the hex pods throughout its rubber outsole, featuring large bars that act like herringbone, and are implemented in multiple directions for coverage no matter how or where you are moving.

These two zones cover a big amount of space not to mention they are 13mm thick, which is indeed very thick and as result, you will definitely feel that extra bounce, explosiveness, and impact protection while you are out on the court.

The fit on these shoes is great and very true to size but as always make sure you get the right size for you.

The basketball players with high arches will most definitely want to try these shoes on first because the layer of the shoe that sits on top of the mid-foot has zero stretches and could be the downside for some.

The shoes will feel awkward when you get them on your feet but once they are broken in be ready for a great basketball experience.

All the above-mentioned features of Nike LeBron XIII, from their tooling to their fit, have a positive effect on their support. These shoes consist of a wide base that feels stable, and since the base is more extensive than the upper, it supports the foot pleasantly.

The LeBron offers a lot of flex and portability, yet you never feel it extending. You are ready to make plays on the court without feeling like you are stuck in one spot.

What we liked

  • The Nike LeBron XIII contains Zoom Air Hexagon with 13mm thick cushioning.
  • These shoes provide excellent flexibility, mobility, stability, and support.
  • It also provides great traction even on dusty courts.

What We didn’t like

  • The break-in period of Nike LeBron XIII takes some time and is possibly hard even after they are broken in.
  • They can be different from lace, that is, they may not be good for players with high arches.

Under Armour Fireshot

The Fireshot also gets remarkable remarks from us since it tends to blankoffer extraordinary compared to other mixes of help and solace for wide feet.

This is a high top basketball sneaker. It contains under armor’s Mico-G innovation. Smaller-scale G is a froth that is one of a kind to Under Armor, and it is the sole stage for the shoe that takes into account a cushioned, bouncy feel that is additionally responsive to the court.

It is 30% more slender than other contenders’ restrictive froth innovation which implies not so much weight but rather more responsiveness and “court feel” than different brands.

We think this is good of both the worlds in case you are searching for both “skip” that encourages you to hop higher and snappy responsiveness on the court when you stop or turn rapidly that you don’t need a delicate, bouncy underside to give your foot a chance to slide over the edge to a lower leg sprain!

What we liked

  • The Under Armour Fireshot is made with an excellent and flexible material that provides you with great support.
  • The Under Armour Fireshot is better than other Under Armour.

What We didn’t like

  • The tracking of this shoe isn’t phenomenal and it is not a remarkably cushioned shoe.

What to Look for When Buying Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet?

When looking for shoes, one should prioritize features like a cushion, traction, support, sole (inner and outer), and quality. After all this, brand and price should be considered.

What are the Good shoes for wide feet?

  • Nike Air Force 1
  • Under Armour Micro G Assert 7
  • Nike Lebron XIII

How long does it take for basketball shoes to break in?

It is imperative to buy the shoes 2 weeks before the game. Start wearing your shoes for 10 minutes, doing light activity, and increase your playtime eventually, until the shoe molds itself around your feet.

Which Nike basketball sneakers are good?

The best wide basketball shoes would be Nike Lebron XIII in our opinion. It provides the buyer with the best features designed specifically for the condition of players with wide feet.

I have wide feet what can I do for basketball?

Do not panic for starters. There is a variety of good, branded shoes that are offered for this condition. Good research and trial will definitely solve this issue in a jiffy!

How to stretch shoes?

To stretch a shoe, you can wear thick socks and fasten the laces. Once that is done, you can blow-dry the areas where you feel the tightness and it will start loosening up a little. This is however a temporary solution to the problem.

How do you know if you have wide feet?

To know if you have wide feet, you need to see if you fit in your regular shoes first. If you do not, you need to measure your foot. This also depends on the shape of your foot and where your foot is the widest (forefoot, midfoot, or heel area)?

How to lace basketball shoes?

In order to tie your laces, you need to make sure you follow a “cross” sign through all eyelets till you reach the end where you can form a bow if you desire or tie it into a “not-too-tight” knot.

What is considered wide feet?

Preferably, it is a condition where the width of your feet is larger than the normal width and you cannot fit into regular shoes. This is not dangerous but can be uncomfortable for people.

How to slim wide feet?

To slim wide feet, you may start wearing loose shoes, walk barefoot for half an hour every day, or in case of high severity, you can also go for surgery with the right orthotic to solve the problem.

Why are my feet so wide?

The reasons could be a lot. Most people with wide feet have them by genetics which includes by birth or developing it by age. It may also be caused by heart failure or diabetes.

How do make wide shoes fit narrow feet?

If you have a wider pair of shoes and narrow feet, you can still fit in them. The best way to do so is by purchasing an insole, which is a lining to fill the insides of the shoe so that it can fit narrow feet.

What shoe brand is best for wide feet?

We believe the best 2 brands are Adidas and Nike as they have numerous footwear which is designed specifically for this condition. They also have different features and different price ranges for the customers to choose from.

How to measure feet for wide-fitting shoes?

To measure your feet, start with your original foot size. Then measure your foot width and add it to your shoe size. This will give you your true foot size.

Now, measure your calf width and add it to your true foot size; voila, you have your perfect fit.

How to stretch leather shoes?

The thick sock and blowdryer technique will work wonders for this one as well. We have mentioned it above in part.

What size shoes should I get?

First, you have to measure the width of your feet. Once that is done, you can calculate your perfect fit as explained in part. You can then buy your desired shoe.

Final Words

To conclude, we would first like to mention there is nothing in the world that can stop an athlete; not even the condition of wide feet.

There are good enough basketball shoes in the market for the same purpose and they can really solve this problem in a jiffy. The best ones are the ones with the best features offered along with the price factor.

In our opinion, Nike Lebron XIII is the best product in the market for athletes who suffer from this condition. It uses the Zoom L.E.A.P technology that gives a 13mm thick cushion to the pair for comfort that matches no other.

It is also widespread with hexagon pads for the bouncy effect and promises great traction and support with the help of Hexpods. These pairs are definitely more advanced than any other in the list above.

The outer sole also gives a great deal of grip to the athlete in moving easily and cutting sharply. This is also one of the reasons why this pair is an excellent choice for any flooring (dry or wet). So if you are looking for an all-in-one package, this is the product for you.

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