Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

No …

You did not make any mistakes…

Yes, it is more likely and actually a matter of fact that dedicated shoes and sneakers are made only for the volleyball players.

But …

Since in terms of the game, volleyball and basketball have many similarities.

There are many volleyball players who think that shoes made for indoor basketball courts can help a lot with an indoor basketball.

What are good basketball shoes to play volleyball?

Although there are many good shoes on the market, I have picked only top-rated shoes that you can buy without hesitation! These are perfect for volleyball! 😉


Without further ado, here is the review of the top basketball shoes made for volleyball players.

Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball [Top Picks]

Nike Kobe Mentality  RECOMMENDED 

Nike Kobe Mentality Size 14 USCheck Price on Amazon

Nike Kobe Mentality is an interesting basketball shoe. As Nike does this to pay tribute to many basketball legends e.g. LeBron James, Nike did the same for Kobe Bryant.

When this legend was about to retire, Nike issued this shoe. The first-ever version is known as Kobe Mentality. Kobe loved this tribute so much and later wrote a book named ‘The Mamba Mentality’.

So why people love this shoe? Well other than it being named after Kobe, the reason is that it is perfect for volleyball. It provides perfect cushioning – cushioning is what shaves you from hurting your heels.

Unfortunately, it does not feature the next-generation Air Zoom cushioning, but it gives a steady and thick cushion nonetheless.

As for traction, it has a mild herringbone pattern with decent grooves on it. This means that you’d enjoy a good grip on the ground.


Under Armour Curry 2

Under Armour UA Curry 2 Low (US Men's Size 10.0) BlueCheck Price on Amazon

Stephan Curry is the man behind this rather spectacular series of basketball shoes made by Under Armour.

Under Armour launched this series in order to pay tribute to this famous basketball player and definitely capitalize on the love that Stephan’s fans possess for him.


Apart from the name, this shoe has got many other attractive features and one or two of them, make it one of the most ideal basketball sneakers for volleyball.

First of all – in terms of design, these shoes are not only good on the court, but you can wear them to any urban/casual party or meetup. What makes it good for Volleyball is the fact that it has dedicated heel counter and cushion.


Adidas Crazylight Boost

adidas Men's Marquee Boost Low, Black/White/Shock Cyan, 11 M US
Check Price on Amazon

Sorry folks …

We got no story to tell you …

This shoe does not have any inspiring story. And it is not a tribute to any basketball demigod. But in case you love a crazy light (and yet effective) basketball shoe for your indoor volleyball needs, you would like this shoe.

What is so special apart from being ‘Crazylight’? Well, it has boost cushioning technology – hence the other part of its name ‘Boost’.

A lightweight and highly cushioned basketball shoe is all you need for your highly testing indoor volleyball game. But these two qualities are not the only qualities associated with this sneaker.


Jordan Ultra Fly

Jordan Ultra.Fly 3 - AR0044-001Check Price on Amazon

Do you love Michael Jordan’s?

I love Michael Jordan’s.

The famous dialogue from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. A crafty schoolboy tries to sell a pair of knocked off (most probably) Michael Jordan sneakers.

Well, I loved them because they said more than basketball or sport; they say urban lifestyle many times and parties and whatnot.

Everyone loves a sneaker that doubles as a basketball/volleyball sneaker as well as an urban fashion shoe. This is that sneaker. But hold on and listen to the qualities that actually matter.


Nike Hyperdunk X Team

Nike Men's Hyperdunk X Team Basketball Shoe University Red/Black/White Size 9.5 M US
Check Price on Amazon

I know …

Dunk is not something related to volleyball …

You guys do not dunk the hoop, you just jump and shoot the ball to the other side of the fence hoping to ditch the opponents.

But hey – both actions demand two sub-actions:

You have to jump and then you have to land back on the ground. This is why a Hyperdunk is highly relevant in volleyball too. You need a shoe that is light for a big jump and that has good cushioning to reduce the impact.

People who have been using Nike Hyperdunk X Team say that the bounce/the springy effect that they enjoy because landing on the ground is the reason why they love Hyperdunk.


Adidas Harden vol 3 Volleyball


adidas Men's Harden Vol. 3 James Harden/Legend Ink/Active Orange Knit Basketball Shoes 10.5 M US

Check Price on Amazon

The number one on our list is James Harden vol 3. These shoes are the newest signature shoes of the famous Shooting guard and 2018 NBA MVP: James Harden shoe line.

The first thing that we are going to talk about is traction. The newest technology made the traction of James Harden vol 3. The last two models have a kind of lunar surface or honey coon surface.

The materials combined with the impressive aesthetics of Adidas James Harden vol 3 makes the shoe a premium performance shoe, even for volleyball.

Also at the toe area of the Adidas Harden vol 3 we can see something similar to Nike Paul George 2.5 or even Nike Paul George 1.

Overall, the Adidas James Harden vol 3 is one of the most significant performance shoes of 2018, and they are one of the best basketball shoes for volleyball as well.

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Nike Kobe Mamba Rage Volleyball Shoes

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Rage Basketball Shoes (9, White/Black/Pure Platinum)Check Price on Amazon

These basketball shoes are well known because it is pretty similar to the Nike Kobe 11 and even with Nike Kobe AD.

One of the best things is lightweight. You can jump easier by wearing these shoes. So, this is a perfect thing for the volleyball players who use to jump a lot for showing a block.

Moving on to the traction it picks up some reasonable amount of dust, but this is not a huge issue because you can wipe them out quickly.

A lot of players use to wipe them up during the volleyball game. The Nike Kobe Bryant Mamba Rage is not recommended at all at outdoor use because of their no durable outsole.

Overall, the Nike Kobe Bryant Mamba rage is one of the best basketball shoes for volleyball. They are a perfect performance shoe, and the aesthetics are outstanding as well.


Nike Lebron Volleyball Witness III Shoes

Nike Men's Lebron Witness III PRM Basketball Shoe (12 M US, Black/White/University Red)Check Price on Amazon

The Nike Lebron James Witness III is one of the most signature shoes of the famous Los Angeles Lakers Small-Forward Lebron James.

In the following description of this shoe, we are going to discuss why you should buy these basketball shoes for playing volleyball.

Because of these premium materials, the ventilation will be alright so your feet will not burn inside of the shoe.

On the other hand, soft materials will not give you a lot of lateral support and stability so you will have to take care of that aspect during the volleyball game.

Moving on to the traction, the outsole of the Nike Lebron James Witness III will do their job especially at a volleyball game. The traction is good at any courts, even at outdoor.

The support at the ankle is an excellent one even if this is a Mid basketball shoe. On the lateral support, this shoe is not as good as it seems.

Overall, the Nike Lebron will do their job during the volleyball game, and you will be delighted with them.


Adidas Crazy Light Boost

adidas Men's Crazylight Boost Low 2016 Basketball Shoe, Solar Red/Light Scarlet/Infrared, 10 M USCheck Price on Amazon

These shoes are one of the best performance shoes of the Adidas in the year 2019!

The first thing that we are going to talk about is traction. The outsole has a perfect bite/ grip on the floor.

The ventilation is acceptable. Your feet will not burn a lot inside of the shoe, but you will still feel it a little bit.

The support is good on the lateral part and in the ankle area as well so you will not have to worry about it during the volleyball game!

Overall, the Adidas Crazy Light Boost is a perfect performer shoe and has some outstanding aesthetics. This shoe will fit with any volleyball player!


Which Ones are the Best Basketball Shoes for Volleyball

You are going to see the reviews of the top basketball shoes for volleyball.

But before we do so, here is a question that needs to be answered.

Basically, volleyball itself is so big a sport that backs in the 1964 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, volleyball became part of the official program and it still is.

There are many companies and cottage industries that are making shoes and other equipment only for the volleyball players.

So, why do people ask for top basketball shoes for volleyball?

Here are the reasons:

  • The seams on indoor special basketball sneakers help the volleyball players who play indoor.
  • Jump and landing is something that happens in both of these games; one needs good quality cushioning to avoid injury. Best cushioned basketball shoes made to dunk the hoop can help in this regard.
  • Both games require the more or less same set of skills.
  • Basketball shoes are made to have killer grip, super soft cushion and to stay for a long time; they’re durable. The kind of abuse such shoes can take makes them ideal kind of shoes for volleyball players.
  • Another beauty of basketball shoes is amazing ankle support – from high collars to heel counters, they have many protective features.


Buyer’s Guide


Now you know which 5 shoes are the best for volleyball players – even though they are primarily made for basketball ones, you still need to know what was my criteria in choosing these shoes.

In other words, you want to know what to look for when buying basketball shoes for volleyball players.

Fine …

Here are the most important factors to consider while buying basketball shoes for volleyball players:



Just like basketball, most of the volleyball (except beach volleyball) is indoor.

So you need a really good pair of sneakers with traction patterns good enough for clean, smooth and even slippery indoor courts.

What kind of traction pattern and outsole can be good for indoor courts?

Well, this is where it boils down to personal preferences, but experts agree that hard rubber outsole with strong and visible grooves + herringbone traction is an unbeatable duo you need for clean indoor courts.


Admitted that a volleyball player does not have to dunk a hoop – yes, he needs to jump but he does not need to jump as higher as a basketball player does.

This still does not dismiss cushioning in your shoes as one of the most sought-after factors.


Well, first of all, all shoes have to have proper cushioning.

Secondly, a volleyball player does not jump too high, but still, he has to jump every now and then.

The whole sport depends on members of each team to return the ball to opponents’ court and to achieve it, people mostly jump (to ditch the fence, duh), and this is where they need good cushioning.

There are a few cushioning technologies very famous in the basketball world – get a shoe with one of them and you’re good to go.

The first one is Nike Air Zoom technology. It is an air capsule or a couple of them. The tensile fibers in them compress and restore to give the player a bouncy effect.

The second one is Adidas Boost – this is made of foam. A very thick cushion made of the cluster of micro-foams. This is also known for amazing bouncy effect.

The third one is Under Armour’s Micro G technology. This one involves EVA or other types of foams. The foam is roughly 30% thin when compared with other such cushioning methods.

It does not work in the way conventional cushioning does; it actually gives you a court feel and thus provides better control.


This is another tricky subject …

Why is it tricky? Well, let us explore this.

Since a player’s feet are exposed to elements – and most important of them all is water/dew/sweat, it is good to have a leather shoe to a) stop the liquid from entering inside and b) retain it where it is.



While there are good reasons for going after a material like leather or faux leather (durability, protection), there are also some problems associated with this type of material.

Your sweat buildup alone is a problem, but it might lead further to bacteria build-up and with many other problems, one problem that it might cause is blisters.

Thus a highly breathable fabric or mesh shoe is much better. The ballistic mesh is much better than a simple one – but you can always pick synthetic fabric shoes because they offer a balance between leather’s protection and mesh’s vulnerability.


Last, but not least, pick a shoe with a strong lockdown.

Volleyball players need to jump and move a lot – they cannot do so with loose shoes.

Whether the lockdown is due to laces or a system like Flyknit – it needs to be there.



Again …

This all sounds a bit stupid …

Looking for basketball shoes while you need’em for volleyball players.

But as it has been mentioned and proved, resemblances and similarities are there.

These 5 shoes that I have discussed and reviewed are not the end of the list. You might get one and go on playing like a pro or just use the factors mentioned in the buyer’s list and pick your own sneaker.

If you asked me what you must look for in every sneaker for volleyball players? I’d say since it is about indoor courts, go for hard rubber outsole and herringbone pattern combination for best grip.

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