5 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids 2019

The basketball game can develop our lifestyle, communication abilities, and our body.

So, isn’t it good that your kids should play the sport from a very young age?

Of course, they should. Right? 🙂

Since the first steps on the basketball court, the little kids must be protected not to hurt themselves
and do not develop their body in a bad way. So first of all, you should get the best basketball shoes for your kids.

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Some good shoes for kids should have a lot of support (especially in the ankle area), some pretty good impact protection ( so the kid will not hurt their knees earlier than is necessary) and some excellent materials so their feet will not burn and get some irritations.

After the following basketball shoe presentation, we bet that you will find the best and safe basketball shoes for your kid!

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids Reviews (Top)

Nike Kyrie 4

The Nike Kyrie 4 is one of the best basketball shoes for your kid. The traction is good even on the dusty courts ( you still have to wipe them a little bit) and the outsole is pretty nice even in outdoor use so you will be able to go out with your kids, without being worried about finding a gym to play some basketball.

The cushion is pretty durable. The impact protection is not one of the best, but the kids have all that he needs. The materials are pretty premium, and there are changing with the colorway, so for some colorways, there will be some exciting materials.

The aesthetics are awesome; the Nike Kyrie 4 basketball shoes have a lot of amazing colorways so the kid will fall in love with these. The materials made the basketball shoe very comfortable and durable.

Also, the support is nice, and the foot of your kid will develop normally, without hurting. The materials form the interior of the basketball shoe will improve the ankle support.

The Nike Kyrie 4 has good traction.
The basketball shoe is very comfortable
The support is premium so your kid will be in safe.

The ventilation is no one of the best, but this is still good
The Nike Kyrie 4 basketball shoes are no a lot flexible, but they are doing their job

Nike Kobe AD Mid

The Nike Kobe AD mid is one of the newest version of the famous NBA legend Kobe Bryant Nike shoe line. These shoes are well known by their light feeling on the feet while playing basketball.

The Kobe AD Mid are pretty light, as we said before, but compared to other Kobe models, it feels a little weird because the midsole is a little thick and in the ankle, there is a lot of padding but is not a big deal at all.

Is still light and responsive basketball shoe, really good for your kid! The aesthetics are amazing, the Nike giving us a lot of colorways and awesome models.

Your kid will fall in love with the colorways so he will enjoy playing basketball even more than before!. This is a good aspect of this shoe!

On the clean court, the traction is amazing. The stopping pattern is very loudly and has a lot of bites, but if you play on a slightly dusty court, you should be ok.

You are just going to find yourself swiping a lot because it picks a lot of dust. If you play in a very dusty court, the Kobe AD is very recommended because you may meet some problems.

You should wipe a lot. Despite all of that negative aspects, the Nike Kobe AD Mid has excellent traction.
Because of his soft rubber outsole is not recommended to outdoor use. The outsole is not very durable and the materials that the outsole is made there are not too good.

So the traction remains the worst part from this basketball shoe from Nike. On the midsole/ cushion, the Kobe AD Mid has some nice full-length lunarlon combined with Nike Zoom Unit which is not caged because is not a drop in and it feels super nice. That little cage give a little support to the shoe while sliding and making some hards crossovers.

They caged only in the forefoot for optimal response, but in the heel they let it live. The cushion is soft, and a nice quickly bounce. Impact protection is perfect and compared to other Kobes, the AD is not feeling as low on the ground, but this is not bad. Also, the response is excellent.

On the upper, at first is little like stiff ( like an old-school basketball shoe vibe) but is thin compared to the old school ones and it gets a ton of support. It looks pretty premium They have a half tongue type so is not one booty upper

When we talk about the fit, you should go true the Nike size. It fits pretty narrow ( just like all Kobes do)
The support is pretty good. The lateral containment did not stretch at all so that you won’t have any issues. Also, the lateral stability is pretty good too. A very nice outrigger coming up will give you a ton of lateral stability.

The Nike Kobe AD Mid will be some excellent shoes for your kid because the traction is pretty good, they are comfortable, and the feeling is premium. The support is ok, and the impact protection and the response are super nice.

Overall, the Nike Kobe AD Mid is one of the best choices to your kid to play basketball along with some good protection.

The Kobe AD mid are responsive, and the impact protection is perfect
They are super flexible
The ventilation is ok. The feet will not burn too much inside, during the game.

The traction should have some problems with the dusty courts

Adidas Harden vol 2

The Adidas Harden Vol 2 was launched by Adidas after long waiting for all of the fans of the famous NBA shooting guard James Harden and his shoe line.

The James Harden vol 2 basketball shoes are very supportive, the lockdown is excellent on the forefoot, and the materials are strong enough to maintain outstanding support.

Also, the boots come on with a lot of tiny spaces where you can customize the lockdown style which is good for better support. Anyway, the laces are kind of short, so you will have to take care on how far do you want to go with that modified lacing system

The traction is just perfect for all kinds of courts ( clean, dusty and even outdoor courts). The traction pattern is like a spider web. Also, the materials that the traction is made of are solid and bring some extra durability at the Adidas James Harden vol 2 basketball shoe.

When you enter in the basketball court, you will feel super confident because the boost brings to your kid a lot of response and impact protection. The more responsive and comfortable they are, the better you will increase your jump!

The ventilation is good and the foot it does not feel super hot while playing basketball. The Adidas Harden vol 2 is perfect for point guards but also for the bigger or heavier guys because of the shoe support. So, in conclusion, is ideal for everyone.

Overall, the Adidas James Harden vol 2 is one the best performance shoes for your kid to develop in a good way and learn the basics of the basketball fast and easy.

The shoes are very flexible and give your kid a lot of court fees and boost his agility on the floor.
The ventilation is proper, so you kid s foot will not burn
The traction is fantastic on every kind of courts (clean court, dusty court and even for outside using).
The traction picks up a lot of dust but is super easy to wipe them out so you will be good to go again.

The laces are a little bit short, but you can personalize them to make them a little bit longer
The Adidas Harden Vol 2 has some extra materials that are not necessary.

Nike Kevin Durant 11

When we talk about Kevin Durant, we just moving on to fit which is like every single Kevin Durant basketball shoe: long and narrow. The fit is very nice, and the shoes are super comfortable to put on. You have a little heel pad where you can just put the finger in it and stretch it out. Also, there is no dead space anywhere.

There is no heel slippage at all so the shoe will be perfect for your kids. The aesthetics of the shoe are amazing, the Nike coming with a lot of dope colorways which brings a unique personality to the shoe.

If we talk about the durability, they are probably good only if you will not play outdoor a lot. The traction is not the hardest one, so it will break fastly.

When we talk about the ventilation and the materials, there are no issues. It has a flyknit material ( usually flyknit does not have a lot of problems on ventilation system). Whatever sweat there is in there, it just disappears after a time.

Overall, the shoes are very comfortable and light.

The shoe is very easy to put on
The ventilation of the Nike Kevin Duran 11 is amazing
The impact protection is amazing because of the react technology

The traction is not as good on the outdoor because the outsole is not very durable
The support is not one of the best

Nike Lebron 15

The Nike keep surprising us with the best shoes. The new Nike Lebron James 15 coming with a full-length zoom, really good on impact protection and excellent response.

Overall, the materials of the Nike Lebron James 15 are pretty premium. On the upper, we have flyknit technology which adds some extra ventilation to the shoe so the feet of your kids will not burn again!

The support is pretty good, and the shoes will add some extra inches at your kid height. All of that aspect mentioned before makes the Nike Lebron James 15 basketball shoes being one of the best shoes for grade school kids!

They will be protected, and they will enjoy every second during the basketball game or practice. The zoon unit is significant. You will feel very comfortable and up to the ground as well. That aspect of the shoe will give you a bonus of some inches which will help you during the game.

Overall, the Nike Lebron 15 is one of the best shoes for 2018 which will fit the best to you kid!

The support and the response are just amazing!
The materials are premium, giving the shoe pretty good ventilation.

Final Words

We hope that you had chosen the best basketball shoe for your kid! Do not forget that every detail matters. You need to do an investment in your kid so he can develop excellently. The sport is essential in our lives, so we need to protect ourselves.

You will not regret by choosing one of these shoes 🙂

Have a wonderful day!

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