Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping (2019 Guide)

Jumping represents an essential aspect of the basketball game. Best Basketball Shoes for JumpingEvery player ( no matter his position) should have a lot of vertical jumping to get the rebound, block the ball, making layups and even for making a steal.

If you have a good vertical, you will play an important role on your team, so you need to take a look at the following shoe presentation!

Some good basketball shoes for jumping should be light, give you a feeling that you are up to the ground, some court feel as well and even good response.

Today we will show you the best basketball shoes which will help you get a better vertical jump,

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping (Top Picks)

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Nike Lebron 15

The Nike Lebron 15 was one of the best performers of 2019. They are made using the flyknit technology that gives the shoes a lot breathable so you will not feel the feet pretty hot, which is a good aspect for jumping high.

The zoon unit is enormous. You will feel very comfortable and up to the ground as well. That aspect of the shoe will give you a bonus of some inches which will help you reach the basket a lot easier.

Also, the zoon unit of the Nike Lebron 15 will give you a lot of response and impact protection so, after the jump, your feet will be alright and a more protected.

The traction is good even on the dusty courts, so that will help you get a lot of speed before the jump.

The Nike Lebron 15 has some pretty lovely materials which are very breathable and which makes the shoe a lot lighter.

The shoes give you some extra inches to your height so you will be closer to the basketball hoop.

The cushion is pretty good. That will give you a lot of response and impact protection to protect your feet after you perform the jump

The lacing system has some problems. If you do not lock in pretty well the laces, that will unravel because of the materials.

The materials have some extra things that are not necessary to the shoe.

Under Armour Curry 5

The Under Armour Curry 5 are one of the lightest shoes of 2019. The materials are pretty different from the last version of the Under Armour brand.

On the Midsole there we can see kind of mesh and the upper is made of some soft and breathable material. This time Stephen Curry gives up the high shoes and try to use some low basketball shoes despite that he had some ankle problems in the past.

The laces look pretty weird, but they are doing their job. Also, the guys from Under Armour did not mention the composition of the cushion.

The Under Armour Curry 5 gives you a low to the ground feeling, and they are responsive as well. The traction is decent. You need to take care of the dusty courts because it picks up some reasonable amount of dust but if you wipe them a little bit you are good to go

The Under Armour Curry 5 are super light which will make the jumping process easier

The materials are very flexible

The shoes are pretty responsive and give you an excellent court feel.

The Curry 5 basketball shoes have not the best fit for some players. Some guys get some little wounds.

Also, the support is not pretty good, so you will need to take care of you during the basketball game.

Nike Kevin Durant 11

The Nike makes some huge steps forward with Kevin Durant basketball shoes. The Kevin Durant 11 has the react technology.

Now, moving to the ventilation, there are no issues. It has a flyknit material ( usually flyknit does not have a lot of problems on ventilation system).

Whatever sweat there is in there, it just evaporates. This flyknit technology gives you a lot of flexibility and court feel.

On the upper, the Nike Kevin Durant 11 has some pretty nice materials. They are made of flyknit so you will feel very comfortable by wearing them in the basketball games!

The last version of the Nike Kevin Durant basketball shoes had a significant problem on durability. Their zoom unit used to poop after a month or two of playing basketball.

The reason for that was the traction pattern. Now, because of the new cushion and the react technology, you are not going to be worried about this problem again.

Also, the colorways are pretty nice.

The Nike Kevin Durant 11 are very comfortable
They are also made with some breathable materials
They are pretty responsive so that you will jump better wearing these

The support is not one of the best so you will have to take care about of your ankles
The traction gets a lot of dust which is pretty hard to get rid of

Nike Kyrie Irving Flytrap

The Nike Kyrie Irving flytrap is the cheapest version of the original Kyrie 4 basketball shoes. They were released after the Kyrie Irving 4 shoes.

We can see that the materials are not as premium as the Kyrie 4. Despite these weak spots, the Nike Kyrie Flytrap basketball shoes are one of the lightest shoes of 2019.

The traction is pretty good, and the materials on the inside of the shoe are very comfortable. Your jump will perform better by wearing these basketball shoes. The lacing system is excellent. The support is pretty good as well so you will have not to worry about the landing after the jump.

The Nike Kyrie flytrap gives you good ankle support, and they are comfortable
The shoes have good traction which is very easy to wipe out after picking the dust.

The ventilation is not one of the best, so your feet may get a little hot inside the Nike Kyrie Irving flytrap

The traction could no have the best bite in the first uses, but after a few basketball games, it will fix.

The cushion is not as good as the Nike Kyrie 4 one, but you are good to go even in these shoes.

Adidas Harden vol 2

The Adidas made a considerable step on the Harden shoe line. The Adidas Harden vol 2 is better than the previous model.

They added more boost to give you more response and impact protection which is a perfect aspect of the jumping process.

The cushion of the Adidas Harden vol 2 performs with a full-length boost. Also, the boost comes up sidewall which is a little bit thicker than the previous models.

The boost is not bad at all. It has some good proprieties for better jumping. The cushion feels super soft, and you feel very low on the ground. It feels very responsive, and the court feel is impressive.

In his change in the forefoot acts as a sidewall as well to prevent your foot from sliding out which is good for that for a lateral containment.

They are pretty responsive as well, the impact protection is good, and also the support is fantastic so you will have a great vibe playing in these. The jumping will be a lot easier and safer in these shoes.

In some cases, the translucent traction of some of the Harden vol 3 colorways performed better than the basic one, but overall, they both are outstanding.

The lacing system is fantastic. If you feel some sleeping in the heel, you need to personalize the lacing system. After that, you will be locked in.

The materials of Adidas Harden vol 2 are super premium. Don’t worry about the ventilation. Your feet will not burn inside the basketball shoes.

The traction is pretty impressive, even on the dusty courts. Your jump will be better.

The Adidas Harden vol 2 will perform well even in the outdoor because the traction is strong enough.

When you enter in the court, you will feel super confident because the boost gives you a ton of response. The more responsive and comfortable they are, the better you will increase your jump!

The Adidas Harden vol 2 is super comfortable, providing a good response and some amazing court feeling, necessary to a better jump.

The basketball shoes have some excellent materials so the feet will not burn inside the shoe.

The support and the impact protections are good performers, so this aspect makes the Adidas Harden vol 2 perfect and pretty safe

You may have some heel sleeping, but if you lace the shoes well you are good to go.
The Adidas Harden vol 2 has some extra materials that are not necessary.

Nike Mamba rage

The Nike Mamba rage is one of the newest basketball shoes of the famous Kobe Bryant shoe line. These shoes are pretty similar to the previous models like Nike Kobe A.D. They are similar performers as well.

One of the best aspects of the Nike Kobe Mamba rage basketball shoes is the light feeling. You will perform the jump easier by wearing these shoes.

You will fell low to the ground as well. The traction is good, it picks some dust, but this is not a huge problem because you can wipe them out.

A lot of players used to wipe them up anyway. They are not recommended at outdoor because of their traction. The cushion is decent; they are responsive as well so you will be able to increase your vertical jump.

The Nike Kobe Bryant mamba rage is one of the lightest shoes because the materials are no as much as on the other models.

The response is good, and the traction performs pretty well.

The Nike Kobe Mamba rage is low shoes, and the support is not one of best, so you will have to take care of your feet and your ankles when jumping.

The ventilation is decent, but you will still feel your feet burn a little bit.

Nike Paul George 2

The Nike Paul George 2 is the second signature shoe of the Paul George Nike shoe line. The Nike made some improvement and made the shoe perform better ( even on jumping).

The cushion is the same like on the PG 1 set up. It has a hard kind of foam, and then you have a four-foot zoom unit which will be felt after a few plays.

The upper part of the shoe is pretty good, there are not crazy premium materials, but there are feels super nice. It feels like a nylon type of military grade material.

Its super sturdy is not going to stretch too much, so that gives you a ton of support. You will feel safer wearing these shoes. Your ankles will be safer while playing basketball.

You are very low to the ground, and Paul George 2 gives you a fantastic court feel, great response so is basically like Kyrie 2 cushion. Also, you have a little bit of impact protection.

Paul George usually appreciate the old school’s materials like leather and suede, so overall the materials are pretty good is kind of one booty feel but there is also a tongue, so that is very interesting.

The fit is excellent and a very easy shoe to put in. The shoes are very comfortable compared to the Nike Paul George 1 which had some issues.

The traction performed pretty well, and you could play outdoors wearing them. The jumping will be better by wearing basketball shoes because they are supportive and very comfortable

The Nike Paul George 2 is super comfortable, and your ankles will be safe while playing basketball because the shoes have a pretty good support
The traction performs very well.

The ventilation is terrible so you will sweat a little bit.
The impact protection is not one of the best.

Nike react Hyperdunk 2017 – Flyknit

The Nike Flyknit Hyperdunk 2017 was one of the most wanted shoes for that year because of their excellent performance while playing.

The cushion is based on the react technology. This cushion gives you a ton of response and impact protection which will help you while landing after a high jump.

The materials are pretty premium. The entire upper is made of flyknit which gives a ton of comfort and breath for your feet.

The shoes are very flexible, and you will feel low to the ground while playing in these. The court fee is nice as well.

The materials on the back give you extra flexibility and ventilation. You may have some little problems with the lacing system because of the materials on the upper.

You need to lace them up pretty strong, so you will not have met this problem again! The aesthetics are awesome. The colorways are nice, so you will look good while playing basketball.

They are light and very comfortable and has a premium vibe.
The Nike flyknit Hyperdunk 2017 is very breathable so your feet will not burn inside the shoe

The react cushion, and the impact protection is pretty impressive. These aspects are necessary for increasing the vertical.

The support is not one of the best so you will have to take care of you.
The traction will pick up a lot of dust so you will have to wipe them a lot.

The basketball shoes presented up there are the best basketball shoes when we talk about the jumping process.

This basketball shoes will play an important role while you will try to get a rebound, make a block and even get a steal.

You need to know that you still have to work hard and increase your vertical. No one was born with a huge vertical, so you have no excuses!

Also do not forget to work on the other aspects of the basketball game, not only on the vertical
Choose to take these shoes to boost your jumping!

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