10 Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support (2018 Guide)

I have been receiving many emails from the last few weeks. Many questions were asked. But, the most common question was:

What are the best ankle support basketball shoes?

Best Basketball shoes for Ankle Support

So, today I’ll discuss this topic to help YOU find the best shoes for ankle support. 😉

So your ankles get hurt while playing basketball? Right?

Don’t worry; you are NOT alone. There are thousands of people having the same issue.

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support (Top Picks)

Jordan Why Not Zero.1 – Best Shoes for Ankle support

Russel Westbrook’s first signature sneaker is a hit with shoeJordan Why Not Zero.1 Black/Black-Signal Blue (10 D(M) US) reviewers. The full-length Zoom cushioning, generally saved for substantially more costly shoes, is responsive, comfy and offers incredible effect assurance for unstable players.

The fit and bolster work exceptionally well and give you the security required for fast moves. Traction is unbelievable on clean courts however you should wipe a ton on dustier courts. These Jordan basketball shoes give you a solid lockdown, numerous wearers proclaim.

The massive heel counter completes a remarkable activity of securing your sole foot area, disposing of any inward sliding. A decent number of players are happy with the upper’s adaptability and toughness. They say that although the materials utilized are not premium, it stretches and moves with your foot flawlessly while as yet holding its quality.


  • Signature sneakers with outstanding looks.
  • The cushioning is fantastic and perfectly balanced to give you the right amount of bounce, responsiveness, and even stability.
  • The fit is just perfect and provides unbeatable support.
  • In any court condition, the traction holds up well.
  • These basketball shoes feel a bit heavy and clunky.
  • They have a lack of breathability, that is, the shoes have terrible ventilation and get hot after a few hours of play.

Adidas D Rose 8 – Amazing Traction

The D Rose 8 is astounding in general entertainer. adidas Men's D Rose 8, Grey Three/Blue/Grey Five, 10.5 Medium US It nails the two most critical features of any basketball shoe, and those features are footing and support. The new “zipper” footing design gives savage foothold, even on dusty courts.

Full-length Boost padding is impeccably adjusted and provides a considerable measure of effect assurance while as yet being exceptionally responsive. The materials are somewhat fundamental and may look somewhat modest, yet they take care of business.

If you are searching for a strong with stunning support and traction, then this is the shoe for you.


  • Traction is amazing and insane even on dirty floors.
  • The cushioning setup of these shoes is perfect and provides a good balance of bounce at the heel and responsiveness at the forefoot.
  • The breathing is good, offers better ventilation.
  • Light in weight.
  • The shoelaces keep getting undone and to re-tie them often is a real pain. Also, the laces are a bit short for double knotting.

Adidas Crazy Explosive PrimeKnit 2017

The Adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit is a standout adidas Crazy Explosive 2017 Primeknit Shoe Men's Basketball 10 Trace Khaki-Cargo Brown-Linen Khakiamongst other ball shoes of 2017. These shoes contain excellent but a slightly firmer cushioning, to the premium materials. It has a great fit and provides excellent support.

The only slight negative is the stiffer upper that takes a while to break in but then becomes comfortable. One of the best-reviewed shoes in 2017.


  • It has full-length Boost cushioning that is responsive, and it offers excellent impact protection.
  • These shoes are most comfortable and provide excellent support to the ankle.
  • Shoes look amazing.
  • The fit is fantastic and one will no experience any space.
  • Traction is excellent only on clean surfaces not on the dusty courts.
  • The outsole of the shoe needs wiping on dusty floors and is prone to wear and peeling.
  • The shoes have poor ventilation.
  • These shoes are stiff, hard to put on but breaks in quickly.

Nike Kobe AD NXT

The Kobe AD NXT is a significant redesign over theNIKE Mens Kobe A.D. NXT, University Red/Bright Crimson, 11 M US disappointing Kobe AD. The most considerable change is the new binding framework.

Critics are part on whether it works or not. Some affection it, some loathe it.

Generally speaking, the Kobe AD NXT is decent by and large entertainer for speedy guards. The main drawback is exceptionally costly.


  • These shoes provide excellent traction.
  • These shoes are comfortable and provide excellent ventilation.
  • These shoes have the best lacing system.
  • The fit is phenomenal, even without tightening the laces.
  • The shoe is very comfortable and responsive.
  • The fit is precise.
  • These shoes are expensive.
  • The cushioning starts off stiff and needs to be broken in.

Under Armour Curry 3Zero – Best for Outdoors

The Curry 3Zero is a part of a marginally minimized and more Under Armour Men's Curry 3Zero Basketball Shoe Stealth Grey/White Size 10 M USmoderate line of Steph Curry shoes. The traction has continued as before and performs exceptionally well on clean courts, yet numerous analysts griped about an irregularity on somewhat dusty courts.

The lessened price appears in the materials which are less premium than in the first Curry 3 yet at the same time complete a great job.

All around preferred by shoe faultfinders is the creative, flexible foot rear area which gives excellent lockdown and works particularly
impressive for lower leg support wearers. Generally, the Curry 3Zero is an active performer at a reasonable cost.


  • Curry 3ZERO has solid traction on clean courts.
  • The cushioning feels better and balanced and delivers a smoother heel-to-toe transition.
  • The adjustable collars deliver excellent ankle support without sacrificing agility.
  • The shoes are soft and durable; they hold up well under outdoor conditions and breaks in nicely.
  • The traction is not good on dusty courts.
  • The fit is not perfect.

Under Armour Curry 4 Low – Perfect Cushioning

The sole of the Curry 4 Low stays unaltered from the High form. Under Armour Men's Drive 4 Low Basketball Shoe, Gray, 11That is something worth being thankful for with regards to the large multi-directional traction design.

Yet, most specialists would have adored a move up to the modest and insignificant EVA cushioning setup.

The shabby manufactured upper materials of the High form are to a great extent supplanted by more premium and agreeable material sew.

In general, the Curry 4 Low is a slight change over the high-top and the ideal shoe for quick guards who are searching for a light, responsive, and insignificant low-top.


  • The traction of Curry 4 Low’s is phenomenal. It sticks to the floor even if the dust is present.
  • Cushioning setup of the Under Armour Curry 4 Low offers enhanced stability, responsiveness, proper court feel and the right amount of bounce.
  • The overall fit is just perfect; there are no dead spaces since the materials form to your foot shape.
  • The material used for the shoes is soft and more flexible.
  • The shoe cushioning is not much good.
  • Minor heel slippage is another drawback.

Nike Kyrie 4 – Best Lightweight Shoe

The Kyrie 4 is the best in general entertainer of the Kyrie Nike Mens Kyrie 4 Basketball Shoe Black/Metallic Silver (11)signature line and functions admirably overall classifications. The cushioning is considerably more agreeable than in past models and gives incredible impact protection while as yet offering responsive court feel.

The built work upper and softened cowhide feel excellent and steady and provide an extraordinary 1:1 fit – there is no foot rear area slippage or parallel development. The footing doesn’t exactly satisfy the levels of the Kyrie 3 or 2 yet is still better than average and requires negligible wiping.


  • The traction is excellent on clean courts.
  • The shoes are comfortable and lightweight.
  • The cushioning is soft and pleasant.
  • The fitting is perfect.
  • Traction on the dusty floor is not much good.
  • These shoes need time to break in.

Air Jordan 32 – Very Durable

All opponents agree that the Air Jordan 32 is a massive changeJordan Men's Retro XXXII Russ Signal Blue/Team Orange-MTLC Silver (10 D(M) US) over the disappointing Air Jordan 31. Analysts with one particular case applaud the footing and love the excellent materials.

Portioned Zoom Air cushioning gives a low to the ground feel while as yet giving great skip and superior protection.

The new bootie-style upper fits exceptionally cozy however has a tendency to be somewhat hard to put on at first.

By and large, Jordan Brand conveyed a decent all-around performer that will work for a wide range of basketball players.


  • Due to inside cushioning every step feels good.
  • The large heel counter prevents the heel from slippage.
  • The outsole rubber has thick grooves due to which traction lasts outdoors.
  • The shoe is most comfortable and durable.
  • The material is thick and non-breathable, poor ventilation.
  • The shoes are hefty and expensive.

Under Armour Curry 4

After the disappointing last model, Under Armor is backUnder Armour Curry 4 with a champ. The Curry 4 was worked to fit precisely what Steph Curry is searching for in basketball shoes, and that is snappiness and court feel.

Along these lines, on the off chance that you are a snappy monitor and you are searching for a shoe that is exceptionally responsive and enables you to change headings with zero slack, at that point the Curry 4 is the ideal shoe for you!

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are a significant person and you require a not too bad measure
of high protection, at that point, the firm cushioning will probably be a significant issue.


  • These shoes are perfect for quick guards.
  • Curry 4 is the best fitting shoe, it is functionally correct and the materials mold to the shape of the foot.
  • Lack of cushioning.
  • Wiping is necessary when playing on dusty courts.
  • The material used for shoemaking is sticky and irritating.
  • The collar does not provide ankle support.
  • The stuff of the shoe is cheap and not durable.

Jordan Super.Fly 2017 – Best Wide Feet Shoes

The softened upper of the Jordan Super. Fly 2017 is a return toNIKE Jordan Men's Super.Fly 2017 Basketball Shoes-Sail/Blk/Infrared-10.5 the circumstances previously basketball sneakers shoes were produced using cutting-edge materials.

Jordan Super. Fly 2017 is among the best wide feet shoes. While a few faultfinders remarkably like that, others lean toward more lightweight and current materials.

What analysts can concur on is the plain great traction and somewhat disappointing React Cushioning framework.

By and large, an exceptionally solid and steady shoe which will work excellent for greater folks.


  • These shoes are perfect for those who have wider feet.
  • The shoe has a fantastic and durable material.
  • It includes ideal traction.
  • The shoes are heavy.
  • React cushioning is not good.

How to choose the Best Ankle support Shoes?

Usually, it requires a lot of HOURs or may be DAYS to research, decide and choose the right pair of shoes. BUT, you DON’T have to waste time on this. Because I did the same research for you. 🙂

It took me a lot of hours to do an in-depth research to find out the ankle support shoes. Finally, I came to know that there are 10 basketball shoes which are perfect for YOU and other people having the same issue.

What to Look for?

In the Basketball game, you need to work hard and practice regularly for achieving better improvement and your desired goals. But only playing consistently is not essential, in fact, one must learn how to play more smartly and safely.

Most of the time, we become so lean in selecting the best basketball shoes for ourselves, which results in sprained or swollen ankles and critical knee injuries.

Hearing about ankle injuries is very common in the basketball world. A basketball player knows how dangerous the ankle injuries are either he/she is a full-time or a part-time player.

With regards to sports, you never have to compromise on the safety equipment. Who knows what exactly will happen the next minute? It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert! Right?

Wearing good quality and supportive shoes Basketball Shoes for Ankle Supportis an essential part of preventing injuries, particularly to the ankle. There is some dispute over whether or not high prime basketball shoes work well to support a player’s ankles.

Since basketball may be a sport that places substantial lateral stress on the ankles, it appears evident that a shoe with additional material around the ankles would be higher. Your feet undergo hell throughout a basketball game.

They pound on the paving of the court to induce you to one aspect to the opposite. Plus, the shock of landings as you jump for those far-away shots will be jarring. This may get dangerous for your ankles. Your ankles play a vital part in your movement.

They connect your feet to your legs and facilitate your stability once standing. The difficulty is that all these responsibilities place plenty of strain on them. Your shoes will assist in reducing the load. For players who are prone to ankle injuries, using an ankle brace is not going to be enough.

There is a lot of pressure placed on your ankle in every game. This is why shoes that contribute further support will be high to consider.

For all those who are searching for the perfect shoes out there, here are some reviews of what is accessible on the market.


Although I discussed 10 best shoes, i would like to suggest Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 because they are so unique and in no way like the shoes we have today.

Alternate matches that I have recommended above are on the whole great, nonetheless, as far as being unique and giving you the most extreme support, we have chosen the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1 for you. They have additional cushioning. As far as style, i like it. Honestly, that might be a sentiment that does not run well with others, in any case, be unique. Be exceptional. Where is the harm? Figure out how to love it. Keep your ankles safe by choosing the best basketball shoes for yourself!

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