Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support

Ankle injuries are quite common in basketball. Since basketball involves a lot of jumping, the ankle is under quite some stress when playing.

When a player jumps, they often land without much balance. Even though the ankle is a strong part of the body, it can still be injured.

When a player lands, the ankle is the most affected out of all parts involved in the movement. It can sometimes be twisted, sprained, rolled, and even broken.

What are the Best Ankle Support Shoes?

There are 9 good shoes which I have picked for you! Of course, all of these are good for ankle support!

Best Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support [Top]

Air Jordan 34

Nike Air Jordan Xxxiv Mens Ar3240-016 Size 11blank

The Air Jordan 34’s are also a treat to the eyes and feet! Firstly, the Air Jordan 34’s go back to basics as all unnecessary material is stripped away from the tooling to the upper.

This results in the provision of herringbone traction, which helps to add grip and support. Not to mention, the cushioning is less clunky, super bouncy, and provides a well-balanced and evened out the ride.

Without being extremely expensive, the materials used for this specific shoe are flexible, airy, and breathable. Even though the shoe is much lighter than previous comparable models, support and stability are just as good, and even better, thanks to the wide base of the shoe and the Eclipse plate in the midfoot.

As said by Jordan brand designer, Tate Kuerbis, the Eclipse plate helps lessen the general rigidity and clears out the weight. The Air Jordan 34’s are also one of the lightest basketball shoes ever created, due to this reason.

Along with the shoe’s support, they look modern and complement one’s feet with their streamlined shape. Despite the new look, the Air Jordan 34’s remind even the newest basketball fanatic of the purest form of a basketball shoe.

What we liked

  • Aerodynamic Support – The Eclipse plate provides stability and support for side-to-side movements.
  • Amazing Traction – The herringbone sole provides pitted and multi-directional traction, preparing the player to shoot some hoops!
  • Cushioning – The cushioning on this shoe is fantastic. Once depressed, it returns to its original shape right before you take the next step. The heel and forefoot remain supported this way.

What we didn’t like

  • It is seen to get dusty quickly and requires a quick clean sometimes.
  • The shoe retails for quite an extravagant price, thanks to all it offers.
  • Even though comfortable and reliable, the materials used are not of the best quality and can reduce its wear-span significantly.

Final Verdict

In my humble opinion, this specific pair of shoes have the look and support that stands out to me even in a huge crowd of the best basketball shoes.

It is the whole package – in that it offers one the stability to move on their feet for hours and the looks to look good even if paired with a sack as an outfit. Definitely a steal, and a shoe you should buy!

Nike Kyrie 6

Nike Kyrie 6 (GS) [BQ5599-002] Kids Basketball Shoes Black/Red-White/US 5.5Yblank

The Nike Kyrie 6 is a huge step up from its predecessors. The features that make it stand out as one of the best shoes that support the ankle are the forefoot and rear materials and a strap.

While offering comfort, the Zoom Air cushioning system adds support and can quickly return to its original form once depressed.

Named after legendary Brooklyn Nets player Kyrie Andrew Irving, the Kyrie 6 enhances acceleration and precision quickness thanks to the curved outsole.

The curved outsole also makes this shoe ideal for quick side-to-side movements and precise dodges. The returning midfoot strap clamps down over the laces to keep you locked in and gripped as you move about, looking for an open shot.

What we liked

  • Sensational Responsiveness – Thanks to the Zoom Air Turbo unit, the shoe engages underfoot and when you push off your edges.
  • Lightweight – The airy foam present midsole is soft and supportive and helps to smoothen the heel-to-toe transition.
  • Extreme Agility – A multi-angle blade pattern is designed to grip the court in all directions. Extending up to the sidewall, the shoe can give you the traction to roll onto your edge and move sideways quickly.

What we didn’t like

  • Even though one of the best shoes on the market, the shoe starts stiff and uncomfortable for the wearer, at least until they completely break into the shoe.
  • Considering the position they were made for, they are quite heavy for a guard’s shoe and can seem like a burden sometimes, especially when a player is tired.
  • Thanks to the amount of excess padding in the shoe, there can be trouble when looking for the perfect size.

Final Verdict

To sum up, I would say that Nike Kyrie 6 is one of the best basketball sneakers on the market, and every fan should buy it at least once.


Nike Zoom Rize

Nike Zoom Rize TB Basketball Shoe Midnight Navy/White-Black Mens 5 Womens 6.5blank

The Nike Zoom Rize is perhaps best known for its state-of-the-art cushioning technology. This mid-top bad boy comes with a foam that runs across the whole shoe for maximum cushioning and a Zoom unit in front of it.

An asymmetrical lacing system is added to the shoe to spice up the design, giving it a rugged yet sleek look. The support is great in the heel and gives the wearer immense comfort in the midfoot.

The materials used to create this certain shoe provide a lot of lockdown, grip, and control. In addition, the traction is outstanding and commended by several reliable reviewers.

Proving to be an extremely versatile shoe both on-court and outside, the Nike Zoom Rize seems to be the succeeding underdog of shoes, as many view it as a takedown version of the much pricier Nike AlphaDunk.

What we liked

  • Amazing cushioning – This shoe provides excellent padding thanks to the super bouncy Zoom Air cushioning.
  • Fits well – Unlike a few basketball shoes, the shoe fits exceptionally well and hasn’t disappointed wearers in the fitting department.
  • Perfect traction – The traction works super well on squeaky clean courts and provides a lot of control.

What we didn’t like

  • Issues on quick lateral cuts – Wearers have reported slight lateral support issues in the forefoot.
  • Dust, a looming enemy – Traction has proven to deteriorate on dusty courts, and the shoe needs intermittent cleanings for optimum performance.
  • Lack of court feel – Even though the Nike Zoom unit in the forefoot is bouncy, it doesn’t give the wearer a ton of court feel.

Final Verdict

To conclude, the Nike Zoom Rize is an underestimated shoe but a beautiful and phenomenal one.

Many people were not impressed with the pre-release look and performance, but once purchased and experienced first-hand (or foot, if I may say so), the shoe proved fantastic.

Under Armour Curry 7

Bazi Sport Men's UA Curry 7 Lightweight Basketball Sports Shoes 8.5 M US Greenblank

This remarkable shoe features a mesh and textile upper, HOVR and MicroG, two amazing cushioning technologies produced by Under Armour themselves, at the midsole. The signature low-top sneaker has a sleeker and much more aerodynamically suited aesthetic.

Like others from this brand, Under Armour Curry 7 has proved extremely versatile shoes. May it be a wooden court or even the turf at the park grounds, the Curry 7’s traction never lets it down. The HOVR and MicroG technologies are recommended if you’re looking for instant court feel and reactivity.

This shoe is seemingly standard and proves critics wrong with its top-notch performance, especially as a low-top sneaker.

What we liked

  • The shoe has wonderful traction and works well at keeping dust away.
  • For a low-top, Curry 7 provides excellent support.
  • It provides a very well-adjusted cushioning.

What we didn’t like

  • The materials prove to be cheap and plasticky and make the wearer doubt the quality of the shoe.
  • It is a very stiff shoe and gets better only after a significant amount of time.
  • The cushioning is a bit firm and provides very little impact protection.

Final Verdict

Using impressive technology, this shoe has won the hearts of many fans who want a not-too-flashy yet brilliant shoe. It is a rather commendable shoe and deserves much more praise as it provides comfort, looks great, and is affordable.


Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1

adidas Men's D.O.N. Issue #1 Basketball Shoe, Black/Team Solar Green/Silver Metallic, 10.5 Medium USblank

The D.O.N. Issue #1 was star basketball player Donovan Mitchell’s first signature shoe with Adidas. Donovan’s goal with this shoe was a fun, visually pleasing, comic-book vibe.

He definitely succeeded because this show provides great support and is one of the best-looking shoes on the market.

Standing for ‘Determination Over Negativity’, the low-top sneaker contains Bounce cushioning, which has proven to be responsive and offers a lot of court feel.

Despite being only $100, the materials used to make this shoe are pretty good and seem very high-quality.  The shoe also provides a lot of grip and stability and supports ankles perfectly.

What we liked

  • The shoe retails at a very reasonable price.
  • High-quality materials have been used to manufacture this particular shoe.
  • It has impeccable traction control.

What we didn’t like

  • Some argue that the shoe slips a lot – even on clean courts.
  • For a low-top, Issue #1’s seems bulky and rather heavy.
  • The shoe’s lining is very easy to wear and makes customers hesitate before purchasing.

Final Verdict

This shoe has a rich history and a beautiful look along with guaranteed ease and comfort. Along with all these amazing perks, the shoe is super affordable and available on most sites.


Adidas Dame 5

adidas Dame 5 Shoes Men's, Black, Size 11.5blank

The Dame 5 is, by far, Damian Lillard’s best signature shoe! Playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, the Dame 5 is the coolest shoe that Adidas and Damian have collaborated over.

It offers a full-length Bounce cushioning and has amazing traction, wowing even the most skeptical critics! Some have said it feels like gliding on air when on court as the cushioning is just the perfect amount – not too much, not too less.

Obviously, the materials are super comfortable and very supportive and don’t give wearers room to complain.

Not only does the shoe have amazing traction, but it also looks amazing and carries forward the signature Dame look forward, along with some new additions. These include multi-colored patterns to spice up the already amazing look.

What we liked

  • The Bounce cushioning is extremely responsive and gives an immediate boost as you kick off on the court.
  • Dame 5 is extremely congenial.
  • The traction works great on courts and seems to be a significant improvement since the Dame 4.

What we didn’t like

  • The shoe is seen to be slippery on dusty courts.
  • There is, for some reason, a little dead space in the toe box, sometimes accounting for an uncomfortable ride.
  • Some of the colorways have been exposed to criticism as they seem to be cheap and plasticky.

Final Verdict

Since the Dame 1, the Dame 5 definitely looks extremely promising and is much newer and more improved than prior models. Not only is the Adidas Dame 5 a treat to the eyes, but it’s also a treat to the pocket as well, as its quite affordable!


Nike Lebron Soldier 13

Nike Men's Lebron Soldier 13 SFG Basketball Shoes (10.5, Black/Black)blank

Once again, Nike makes it to this list in the form of the awesome shoe that is the Lebron Soldier 13. Introduced in 2019, the shoe is extremely durable and provides a lot of lockdowns, while at the same time being super comfortable.

The laceless Lebron signature model was very well-received by sneaker lovers because of its comfy upper material, the amazing straps that don’t come undone whilst in action, and the simple solid-rubber herringbone traction pattern.

Thanks to the Zoom Air units in the forefoot and the heel, the shoe provides great cushioning and support for the wearer while managing to maintain a perfect grip on the court.

What we liked

  • It really does have phenomenal traction.
  • The shoe is very supportive of the foot.
  • The Lebron Soldier 13 is surprisingly very durable and low maintenance.

What we didn’t like

  • The cushioning is stiff and could be better.
  • The shoe retails for quite an expensive price.

Final Verdict

The Nike Lebron Soldier 13 ticks the boxes in all departments. The traction, among other highly redeeming features, puts it in a class of its own.


Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Shoes

Nike Adapt BB 2.0 Basketball Shoesblank

Currently, the most expensive shoe on the market at $400, what does Nike Adapt BB 2.0 offer us that other shoes don’t?

To start with, the clean-cut herringbone pattern and translucent rubber work very well on-court. Not to mention, the Zoom Turbo and Cushion foam that is present in the forefoot gives the wearer a bouncy, comfortable and responsive ride similar to that of the Kyrie 6.

Even though the materials feel good at the sight and work well for the first few days, the materials feel cheap and plasticky and add significantly to the shoe’s overall bulky weight.

What we liked

  • It has a very convenient self-lacing system.
  • The cushioning provides great ankle support.
  • The shoe increases agility and speed.

What we didn’t like

  • The shoe is extremely expensive.
  • It is very heavy.
  • The materials used are cheap, plasticky, and worsen the shoe’s performance.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Adapt BB 2.0 is an extravagantly expensive shoe but it’s comfort, ease and support definitely make up for it.


Adidas Pro Bounce Low

adidas Men's Pro Bounce 2019 Low Basketball Shoe, Black, 11 M USblank

The Adidas Pro Bounce Low competes directly with Nike’s Hyperdunk. Once again, the Pro Bounce Low is a very versatile Adidas model when it comes to traction.

May it is any surface, the Pro Bounce Low keeps up very well in terms of grip. Moreover, the Bounce Cushioning technology from Adidas protects the foot and allows for a very comfortable ride.

The upper material, while not giving that premium Adidas feel, does a great job of wrapping itself around the foot. The ankle support this shoe provides is phenomenal.

Another honorable quality of this shoe is its price. The Adidas Pro Bounce Low, because of its retail price, caters to almost all audiences.

What we liked

  • ­Outstanding grip and traction.
  • Well-balanced Bounce Cushioning technology that offers superior foot protection.
  • Sturdy and durable shoe.

What we didn’t like

  • The materials feel a little cheap.
  • Doesn’t work well on dusty courts.
  • Requires timely cleaning for the best performance.

Final Verdict

The Pro Bounce Low is a surprisingly well-performing, comfortable, and affordable shoe that works well on-court and outside as well. Even though underrated, the Adidas Pro Bounce Low is definitely a steal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Ankle Support?

You can go some way to reducing the risk of an ankle injury and preventing it by using good basketball shoes that provide ankle support. It is definitely a step in the right way in order to preserve your foot for not just basketball but other uses as well.

What Are the Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support?

  • Air Jordan 34’s
  • Adidas Pro Bounce Low
  • Puma Uproar
  • Nike Adapt BB 2.0

How to Support Ankle When Playing Basketball?

You can lace up an ankle brace as it creates a firm fit and offers support throughout the whole foot.

How to Lace Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support?

You should lace your basketball shoes way up to the top of the shoe for optimum ankle support.

What is the Difference Between Ankle Brace and Ankle Support?

Ankle supports are usually slender and weigh very less. This ensures efficiency in foot movement and helps the interaction between foot and ground. Ankle braces are made of rigid fabric and provide immobilization of the foot.

Is Ankle Support Better than No Ankle Support for Basketball?

Prolonged immobilization is associated with muscle weakness because of disuse so it should be used separately as an alternative and should only be used otherwise if it is built-in the shoe.

How to Measure for Ankle Support?

To size, you have to measure the circumference of your ankle.

Final Words

Without ankle supports, issues can arise and can cause temporary benching for basketball players. Therefore, it is important to get shoes that support your ankles and make it easier to run across the court without any unease or discomfort.

Shoes without great ankle support can cause horrific injuries that can, not only, temporarily bench players but also force players to press ‘pause’ on their careers.

Thanks to Nike’s amazing cushioning technology, Zoom Air, people go for Nike sneakers as they are guaranteed comfort along with acceleration, agility, and speed.

In my opinion, one shoe that manages to woo even the newest of fans is the Adidas D.O.N. Issue #1. It is definitely the finest and most versatile basketball shoes for ankle support on the market and it retails for less than $$$ which is undoubtedly a steal these days.

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