Best Anti Theft Backpacks 2020 [TOP RATED BACKPACKS]

Best Anti-Theft BackpacksA thug standing right behind you just works his way inside your bag with something as pathetic as a razor blade and gets everything out 🙁

People who do not want to end up in such a situation always skip common backpacks for anti theft travel backpacks.

And this is what this guide is all about.

Not only you will get to find 10 best anti theft travel backpacks of 2020 in this guide, but you will also learn the most important characteristics of anti theft travel backpacks.

You will learn what to look for when buying theft-proof backpacks and what kind of protection different types of anti theft backpacks provide.

Top Anti theft Travel Backpacks Review 2020

Lo and behold, no more waiting, here’s the ultimate list of the backpacks that captured the market in or before 2019 and they will retain it in 2020.

Take a look at the ten best anti theft travel backpacks that you can choose from.

Korin Design ClickPack Pro Travel Backpack  (Recommended) 

Korin ClickPack Pro - Anti Theft Travel Backpack Laptop Backpack 15.6 inch with USB Charging Port Large Capacity Waterproof TSA Business Travel Backpack Bag Friendly Smart Black and Grey

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This is perhaps these best anti theft travel backpack with a whole new approach to what might be an anti theft or at least theft-resistant backpack.

Do people only love it or there are haters too? Well, there are haters because the design of this backpack is not perfect.

It is big, but the makers are so bent on an organization that it does not have space for a little something extra e.g. your shoes or your volleyball and the handle is not so sturdy.

But I love this backpack because of innovation and because they over-delivered and added something that not even Bobby “the most famous cut-proof travel bag” does not have.

Care to know all the good and bad traits of this backpack? Here you go.

What we liked
  • TSA Approved Zip-Lock
  • YKK Double Layer Stab-Proof Zipper
  • Slash-Proof Upper Layer
  • Retractable Metal Wire Lock
What we didn't like
  • Handle Loses Its Loft and Thickness
  • Not Much Room Except for the Items that Korin Design Considered Important
  • Too Expensive
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You must know that if you buy Korin Design from Amazon, you will have Amazon’s protection, but it will be the most expensive slash-proof backpack.

Let us try to understand each of the pros and cons in detail and you will learn why it is my personal favorite.

  • TSA Approved Zip-Lock


All of us know that XD Design’s Bobby is the pioneer of anti theft travel backpacks. Why? Because it came with so many security features that no other backpack offers.

Well, guess what?

Korin Design’s ClickPack Pro beats Bobby in terms of security. It is a more secure backpack.


Because it has a TSA approved Zip-Lock located on the top in which you can lock both the zippers.

Since it is TSA approved, you would never have any problem on customs counter because even if they want to check your bag and you forget the combination, out of anxiety, they always have this padlock’s key that they can use to open the bag and check the contents.

What Bobby has to offer in comparison?

A TSA safety wire lock which you can easily misplace because it is not attached to the bag and which has a thin wire that any experienced thief can cut within a few seconds.

Oh, but the zippers can always be opened with a shape object! Well, not always. Have a look at Pro# 2.

  • YKK Double Layer Stab-Proof Zipper

To make its creation totally theft-proof, Korin Design decided to use a double layer stab-proof YKK zipper.

No one can penetrate this zipper without too much hassle – for starters, this is a YKK zipper and it is double layered which means not only a thief would have to try hard but it will take too much time as well.

And guess what? The zipper is waterproof too.

  • Slash-Proof Upper Layer

Korin Design used slash-resistant fabric that can stand razor-sharp objects and stabbing attempts. So no one can cut open your bag and steal your valuables.

They say that the Polymer Polyethylene fabric that they use is 40 percent stronger than Kevlar which is a material used in making bullet-proof vests.


Unless you forget your bag somewhere, locked to something, and the would-be thief tries to open it with usual tools like a razor sharp knife or other such items, he would stand little to no chances to rip apart this fabric.

  • Retractable Metal Wire Lock

Coming back to the comparison with Bobby, it is important to know that the thin metal wire TSA lock that you get with Bobby definitely helps you lock your bag to an immovable object, for example, a metal bar fence, but the wire is so small that you cannot fully take advantage of it.

With ClickPack Pro:

You get a retractable metal wire lock that is long enough for all types of objects that you may want to use to lock it with.


This lock is not free, but it is attached with the bag so unlike the case of Bobby, this cannot be lost this wire lock.


This bag is not perfect. The bigger issue is with space. It is big, but Korin Designed pre-decided the items that you can store in this bag. After having your laptop, tab, camera and a few gadgets inside, you cannot keep your clothes or other items.


There are no pockets on the outside and the handgrip loses its loft and shape after some time. Another very big issue is the price; yes, the features that this bag has to offer are unmatched, but when compared to its nearest competitor Bobby, it is still too expensive and the difference between prices is bigger than the difference between the features.



XD Design Bobby Anti Theft Travel Backpack

XD Design Bobby Pro Anti-Theft Backpack Black USB/Type C (Unisex Bag)

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I’ve already talked enough about Bobby and perhaps you think that Bobby is inferior to ClickPack Pro.

Let me say it:

This is more like a matter of personal preferences.

Let us not forget that Bobby is the pioneer in this field and not only ClickPack Pro followed the external and internal design patterns of Bobby, but many other manufacturers also followed the same road

The major problem that people had with Bobby was that it did not have any padlock and wire-lock – XD Design people added this option as well and with one padlock with a metal wire, you can lock your backpack on anything that you like.

Here are all the pros and cons.

What we liked
  • Now Comes with TSA Safety Padlock/Wire-Lock Feature
  • Adjustable Open Angles to Load Maximum Items
  • Cut-Proof Material
  • Hidden Pockets & Zipper – Only Accessible from Backpack’s Backside
What we didn't like
  • Not as Theft-Proof as ClickPack Pro
  • Material not as Theft-Resistant as ClickPack Pro’s
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Let us first talk about the pros. Have a look at the details of all the pros.

  • Now Comes with TSA Safety Padlock/Wire-Lock Feature


We can bash XD design for not including a TSA lock and not having something as revolutionary as the retractable wire lock of ClickPack Pro, but not anymore.

Although their solution is still not as good as it was in case of their biggest competitor (lock is not attached and the wire is not as strong as in case of ClickPack Pro), they at least tried to make up for what they missed when they designed the bag.

The wire that comes with this TSA approved padlock is 30 centimeters long and you can easily manipulate your bag and lock it to any item.

  • Adjustable Open Angles to Load Maximum Items

The best thing about Bobby:

It is where Bobby beats ClickPack Pro because ClickPack Pro opens up like a spread on a table and you can easily store all your items, but it does not offer other open angles.

And this is what Bobby does much better than ClickPack Pro and many other anti theft travel backpacks.

Bobby has 3 different opening angles. So if you need to just open the bag a little bit, go for 30 degrees’ angle, view the contents and pick one that you need.

90 degrees’ opening angle let the accessories compartment stand like a shelf while the compartment with your laptop, tablet and books etc. is on the table wide open for easy access and easy withdrawal of laptop or tablet from protective straps.

Then comes the 180 degrees’ angle of view and this is what ClickPack Pro comes with. Open the bag to its maximum, have it wide open in front of you and either store all the items that you need or retrieve them with ease and style.

  • Cut-Proof Material


Bobby does not have a material stronger than Kevlar and in my personal opinion, that’s not even needed.

Most of the pickpocketing attempts are made when you have your bag on you and in this situation, no one will use a stab to open the bag, but they will try to do it subtly: perhaps with a razor-sharp knife or a razor blade.

And guess what?

Bobby is 100% cut-proof. We do not know the detail about the material, but this bag is cut-proof and that all what you need in 80% of cases.

  • Hidden Pockets & Zipper – Only Accessible from Backpack’s Backside


ClickPack Pro can definitely show off all the bling bling that it’s got … you know, all the wire lock and double layer zipper thing, but the day some clever thief will invent something quick to open TSA locks, its game will be over. Don’t even sweat the double layer zippers.


Bobby has a better anti theft design with hidden zipper. Yes, its zipper is hidden (something that ClickPack Pro did not have) and the only way to access the zipper is from the backside of the bag which hugs your back.

Which means what?

Which means only you can open that zipper and a thief would have to knock you out to get access to the zipper.

Then comes hidden pockets. As compared to ClickPack Pro, Bobby’s biggest contender, Bobby has more secret and useful pockets.

Considering new updates of Bobby and the new lock, we can say that it is more theft-proof than it was previously.


There is nothing like double-layer zippers and the metal wire is not as strong and big as in case of ClickPack Pro, which by the way can bear weight up to 50Kg.

Also, imagine a scenario that you’d most definitely won’t face, you may face based on how much you trust the anti theft features of this bag. You lock it on a steel-bar fence and go playing with friends at a distance.

Someone comes and stabs it with a strong and sharp knife, would it sustain the attach? No, because it is only made to sustain cuts, not the stabs. This makes it lesser safe than ClickPack Pro.



Oscaurt Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Oscaurt Anti-theft Travel Backpack, Business Laptop School Bookbag with USB Charging Port, Water Resistent Bag for Men & Women Fit 15.6 Inches Laptop Grey

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Here’s this thing about anti theft travel backpacks that has started to bore me.

All of them now follow in the footsteps of either Bobby or ClickPack Pro. At least most of them follow the same design and the same as in the case of Oscaurt anti theft travel backpack.


Do not let this come in your way.


Because this backpack has been bought by over 700 people (on Amazon) and it proudly shows-off that “Amazon’s Choice” tag that only good products win.

It is definitely not cut or stab-proof and but it is still great value for the price considering that it boasts a hidden zipper design that definitely keeps thieves at the bay.

Take a look at the pros and cons of this bag and see if it is for you or not.

What we liked
  • Main Hidden Pocket & Hidden Zipper Anti Theft Design
  • 180 Degrees’ Adjustable Opening
  • Very Functional Side Pockets for Umbrella or Water Bottle
  • Compartments for Best Organization
What we didn't like
  • Charging Port is not much durable
  • Lacks almost all Anti Theft Features except Hidden Zippers
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I know that you so much love that slash-proof material or TSA approved lock, but listen, this backpack comes at1/4th of the price of a ClickPack Pro so before you expect everything that you get with a ClickPack Pro or Bobby, have a look at the price tag.

And for what it’s worth:

The hidden zipper with zero pockets on the outside of the bag alone is enough to make a backpack safe and secure from a thief right behind you in a “house full” metro.

Here is the detail of these pros.

  • Hidden Pocket and Hidden Zipper


You won’t find an anti theft travel backpack with all the bells and whistles with a price tag of less than $40.

This backpack is there to protect your belongings unless you want to leave it next to your couch and jump into the swimming pool.

It does not have TSA lock, retractable wire-lock, and a slash and stab-proof material on it.

It is made for commuters of metros and people who’d go to a mall full of people and poor lighting, and it sells the confidence that as long as you have it on you: clinging to your shoulders, not even the most skillful thugs can steal your items from your bag.


Because of two main and most important design-related choices that the manufacturers of this backpack made.

First of all, following in the footsteps of Bobby, they decided to hide the zipper and make it accessible only from the back of the back (and you back), so no one would be able to access it, except you (because the bag has to be removed before you open it).

Secondly, there is a hidden pocket that clings to your back because it is located on the backside of the bag.

It is a big pocket and it can keep all your expensive belonging like tab, cell phone, wallet, credit cards, and documents etc.

  • 180 Degrees Adjustable Opening

There are some bigger and better bags that bite big on your pocket and still, you cannot open them wide open on a 180 degrees’ angle.

Why do we need a bag that we can open wide on the table? It is because these professional backpacks have a very limited space to pack all important items and if you do not open them to 180 degrees’ angle, there is a chance that you will not use 100% packing space.

This makes packing a piece of cake. All the space is wide open in front of you, prioritize the items, find out if there is a dedicated space for those items and if not, use the space wisely to accommodate all your EDC items.

  • Very Functional Side Pockets

Tell you what:

This bag beats backpacks like ClickPack Pro and Bobby six days to Sunday when it comes to external pockets on the side of the bag.

Both: Bobby and ClickPack Pro do not have side pockets. ClickPack Pro has a retractable pocket on one side that you can use to keep a water bottle or umbrella handy.


People hate that pocket because once you keep something even slightly heavy e.g. a water bottle in it, it will keep dangling back and forth, and it is such an irritating thing especially when you’re running.

This pack:

It comes with two side pockets that hold on to the items just as good as elastic mesh side pockets of a hiking backpack do. Not only you can keep both: water bottle and umbrella handy, but you also be satisfied that those items are tucked in real nice and tight.

  • Compartments

Call it a cheap backpack if you want to, but within the price range, it comes with all the bells and whistles that you need in a standard professional backpack.

It has compartments for all basic EDC items e.g. laptop, tablet, power-bank, small water bottle, stationery and pens, documents and books and almost everything that you need on a daily basis.


There are problems with this backpack and they are pretty well-known.

For example, this backpack has a clumsy charging port that may break if you are one of the few unlucky customers.

The thing is not faulty, but it is poorly integrated into the pack and due to poor quality it is likely for it to break earlier or later.

The second issue is that this backpack lacks almost all important security features e.g. lock, wire-lock and impenetrable material.

It is called an anti theft travel backpack only because it has a hidden zipper and a hidden pocket.



Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS450 25 Liter Anti Theft Laptop Backpack - with Padded 15" Laptop Sleeve, Adjustable Shoulder Straps, Patented Security Technology (Black)

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Pacsafe’s Metrosafe LS450 backpack comes with some unique security features that you cannot find in other backpacks.

While ClickPack Pro or Bobby or other similar backpacks are just as secure as this backpack is, the security style and functions of this laptop are not similar to any of them.

For example:

Bobby and ClickPack Pro have slash-proof material that is stronger than Kevlar, but makers of Metrosafe found it expensive and they came up with their own ingenious solution.

They made the pack with standard material, but they used stainless steel, lightweight mesh named eXomesh.

This slash guard is lightweight and still strong enough to counter an attempt to cut the material and steal your valuables.

It is flexible and so light that you cannot easily feel it, but it is built into each vulnerable side and corner of the pack.

Here are all the details.

What we liked
  • Quick Access Front Pocket for Stationery
  • Unique Protection Features
  • RFID Protection
  • Roomier than many other Backpacks
What we didn't like
  • No Hidden Pockets
  • The pack is too big for Small and Average Height People
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If you asked me the most important reason to buy this laptop bag, I’d give you at least two reasons.

Many folks who are into theft-proof backpacks all the time whine about a complete disrespect for exterior pockets.


This bag not only offers you quick excess exterior pockets, but they’re totally lockable as well.

The other good reason is really big; the manufacturers of this backpacks are definitely rich in innovation. They decided to give a shut-up call to the traditional anti theft travel backpack designers e.g. Korin Design and XD Design, and not only they changed the shape of this backpack, but they innovated an entirely different protection system.

Let us take a look at details.

  • Quick Access Front Pocket

From your small journal to a pocket dictionary to basic stationery items, you can keep all cheap, but EDC items in the roomy front pocket and apart from that, there are 2 other lockable zip pockets on the outside.

On top of them, come two side pockets: mesh and elastic to keep your items dry and always in reach without worrying about them dropping out of the pockets.

  • Unique Protection Features

This is the point that will make most of you buy this backpack, because not only it has its own system of protection and it does not copy Bobby, but it goes extra miles to beef up the protection.

  • Lockabout Security Clip will lock both main zippers in a quick clip and slip action. For extra protection, you can use a padlock and three levels of protection will make the main compartment impenetrable for thieves.
  • eXomesh is a lightweight and flexible set of stainless steel that protects the backpack from slashing attempts.
  • Turn and Lock is basically a hook attached to one of the shoulder straps. You can have it through a pole or any immovable object and with a special turning mechanism lock the bag to a secure fixture.
  • Carrysafe protection is basically two thin and lightweight stainless steel wires that are embedded into each shoulder strap (total 4). They prevent the shoulder straps from getting sliced.


  • RFID Protection

Like all good quality backpacks, Metrosafe LS450 backpack also knows the value of RFID protection when it comes to protection-oriented backpacks.

For this purpose, one of the interior pockets of this backpack is made of RFID protection material.

Keep your credit and debit cards in this pocket and forget about some cunning and tech-savvy thief providing your data.

  • Roomier than many other backpacks

The size of this backpack is 25 liters and as compared to other anti theft travel backpacks which are more or less 20 liters, this backpack is actually quite bigger.

As a matter of fact, people will below average or borderline average height complain about the size thing because this theft-proof backpack does not sit properly on their back and shoulders.


When it comes to packing more EDC items, especially clothes for an overnight stay or commute, you need a backpack this big.

And this brings us to the cons because it has a few problems.

First of all, they took care of almost all anti theft travel backpack features, but they missed out on hidden pockets.

Secondly and lastly, the size is a problem because short people cannot cinch down the backpack straps to bring the bottom of the backpack up to the lumbar area.



Travelon Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Large Backpack, Black

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Travelon is just another affordable and yet armed to the teeth anti theft travel backpack. The reason why I chose to discuss this backpack right after Metrosafe LS450 is the similarity between the anti theft system that both of these backpacks used.

Just like Metrosafe LS450:

Travelon also uses stainless steel mesh and other protection systems.


This does not mean that this smart and small EDC anti theft travel backpack does not have its own unique features.

To start with:

It has a big and strong side pocket to hold tight on your umbrella or water bottle and the pocket on the other side is good for cheap EDC items e.g. travel tower, cap, hat or similar other items.

What we liked
  • Innovative Anti Theft Setup
  • 3 Exterior Pockets
  • RFID Protection
  • Enough Room for its Size
What we didn't like
  • More like an EDC or Survival Bag
  • Zipper Clasps tend to break
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The problem with this backpack can be termed as “sweet spot syndrome”. It is on the sweet spot of roomy and small and expensive and affordable.


For some people, it is roomy enough to have all EDC items, especially women love it because it has a wide bottom and it carries a lot with front and side pockets and a big main compartment.

But people, especially men, found it insufficient and small because it is only 12 liters.

Then there comes the question of price vs quality. It is on the sweet spot of affordability.

While people love it because they can afford it easily, they hate when a clasp breaks after exhaustive use of this bag and while they move every day and use it every day.

Here are the details of all the pros.

  • Innovative Anti Theft Setup

Just like Metrosafe LS450, this backpack also comes with a different set of security gimmicks. Here is all the detail about them that you need.

  • Slash-Resistant stainless steel mesh goes through the entire body of the bag to ensure that not a single side of your backpack is vulnerable to slash attempts. This mesh is lightweight and flexible so it does not badly impact your traveling experience. The backpack is still very lightweight and you cannot easily feel the mesh.
  • Slash-Resistant Straps make it impossible for a pickpocket to cut the straps and get away with your bag and all belongings. What the manufacturers did is have two thin and lightweight stainless steel wires go through each strap.
  • Clasps in the zippers let you lock each zipper with the other one and thus your zippers remain unassailable for the would-be thieves and pickpockets.
  • A twist and lock hook is attached to one of the shoulder straps so you can have the strap through a pole or some secure fixture and forget about anyone causing harm to it.
  • 3 Exterior Pockets

If you’re that person who always hated anti theft travel backpacks for having zero exterior pockets (Bobby does not even have something like ClickPack Pro’s pathetic alternative of a decent, fixed mesh pocket) this backpack is absolutely for you.

For starters:

Not only it has exterior pockets, but you can also lock them with their innovating zippers.

The pack has 3 exterior pockets in total. 2 of them are zipped: the front big one and the right side one, and the 3rd pocket is on left; this is big enough to easily carry a water bottle or an umbrella.

The zipped pocket on the right side is a comparatively small one; you can keep EDC items like a cap, towel, scarf or similar other items.

  • RFID Protection

I know:

You’ve only read about those tech-savvy thieves and never met one who use technology to steal your credit card’s data from a little distance and thus deprive you of the money you never earned, but still got to pay.


They exist and RFID blocking slots and pockets just make sure that no one would be able to steal your valuable information.

In this bag, there are RFID blocking slots where you may keep your debit and credit cards as well as your passport, and thus secure your information.

  • Enough Room for its Size

Yes, it is a small backpack with only 12 liters space.

But believe you me, it is not space, but how you manage them. And this backpack makes it easy for you to manage and organize your stuff. With 3 exterior pockets and one big roomy main compartment, you can keep more than your EDC items.

The bag is narrow at its neck (which some people do not like), but it is wide at its bottom and that is where all big EDC items rest.

You can read the review on Amazon (link) and you will see how people on the voyage to exotic locations praise how this bag swallowed every important item: from gadgets to EDC.


There is nothing perfect. It falls way beyond the average size of a professional backpack and thus many people complain about how it only looks like a lady’s bag where she’d put her makeup items and jewelry.

Size is definitely on the small side and unless you make good use of outer pockets, you’d complain too.

Then their locking clasps of zippers are not too good. They tend to break if you do not use them with due care.



KOPACK Anti Theft Travel Backpack

KOPACK Waterproof Anti Theft Laptop Backpack USB Charging Port Business Scan Smart with Rain Cover 15.6 Inch Gray Black Kp626

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KOPACK theft-proof backpack is designed in the same way as Bobby and many other backpacks that followed in the footsteps of Booby.

It does not have a trendy number lock, but its 100% fool-proof design makes it impossible for the thieves to find the zipper, let alone open it and steal your valuable.

In terms of top-notch anti theft features, this bag does not have to offer much but a somewhat slash-resistant material, hidden pocket on the backside and hidden zipper.


This is almost exactly what Bobby offers you; the older versions of Booby did not come with TSA security wire lock that the recent version included (just to compete with Korin Design’s much safer backpack).

In short:

If locking your backpack on a secure fixture is not your thing, you rather like to keep it with you always, you should go with this backpack.

It’ll cost you roughly one third the price of ClickPack Pro and yet it is good enough to protect your personal belongings.

What we liked
  • Hidden Zipper & Pockets
  • 90-180 Degrees’ Opening Angle
  • Slash and Water-Proof Material
  • Thick Padding on Back, Shoulders and in Laptop Slot
What we didn't like
  • Poor Quality Stitching
  • Poor Quality Zippers
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The problem with cheap or affordable price anti theft travel backpacks is the material used in making them.

Definitely, in order to meet the price and still make money, the manufacturers have to make some compromises.

They cannot just charge around $40 or 50 and still make a backpack just as good as Bobby or other tops of the line theft-proof backpacks.


This does not mean that the problem is so widespread that we should declare this backpack a total waste of money.

It is not even near that bad. See, over 630 customers bought this backpack on Amazon and only roughly 30 of them reported these issues.

This means that 600 got lucky to find out a backpack that is cheap and yet so good. Also, the Customer Support team is so good that it immediately sends you the alternative for the faulty bag.

Here is the detail about the pros of this backpack.

  • Hidden Zipper & Pocket

KOPACK employs one of the most common anti theft system – hidden zippers and hidden pockets.

The zippers are hidden by a sleeve that covers the zipper and goes from one side to another. This is the style introduced by anti theft travel backpack pioneers like Bobby and others.

One pocket is actually embedded into the padding on the backside of the backpack. Not only one cannot see it from a distance, but no one can reach it as long as the backpack is clinging on to your back.

The other one is on strap’s side: mostly good for cell phones or iPods.

These two anti theft features make it almost impossible for a thief to get access to your valuables as long as a backpack is with you.

  • 90-180 Degrees’ Opening Angle

All anti theft travel backpacks are designed to open wide in order to make it easy for the owner to make maximum use of the space.


All of them not open to a 180 degrees angle and those that do, always store more items because all the storage space is right in front of the user.


This makes it easier for the users to clean the backpack if and when needed.

  • Slash & Water-Proof Material

I cannot exactly tell you the limit to which this anti theft travel backpack is scratch and slash-proof, but it definitely resists slashing attempts.

This just adds up to the protective features of this backpack.

In the event that you are in a metro full of rush and some cunning foul tries to cut the bag and retrieve some valuable items e.g. gadgets or your wallet, you should rest assured that he would fail to do so because of this feature.


The material on front and the sides is the same. Not only all of this is slash-proof, but all of this material is also waterproof as well.

If it’s raining or you accidentally spill some liquid on your bag, it will take only one dry cloth to wipe that liquid off the bag.


The bag is not 100% waterproof and in case of heavy rain, you need to protect it with some waterproof cover.

  • Thick Padding

Good padding in and outside of a backpack makes sure that not only all your expensive gadgets remain safe in the backpack, but you also do not end up hurting your shoulders and your back.

The key to making this sure is nothing but good padding in and outside of the backpack. Let us start with outside.

The backpack’s back is very well padded to provide support to the upper back and lumbar area. The shoulder straps are thickly padded to protect your shoulders from stress.

And there is a soft bubble foam layer in the laptop sleeve that protects the laptop from impact and accidental shocks and scratches.

Overall, this is a backpack with good attention to detail.

The problems?

Yes, it has its own set of problems and I’ve talked about them in the beginning. The zippers break or come out and the stitching fails to bear the weight of books or gadgets put inside the backpack.


If 30 out of 630 people complain about these issues, how likely are you face it? I leave this to you.



Tigernu Business Laptop Travel Backpack

Tigernu Business Laptop Backpack,Travel Anti Theft Slim Computer Backpacks with USB Charging Port,Water Resistant Large College School Bags for Men/Women Fits Laptop & Notebook up to 15.6inch,Black

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Tigernu is a big name in anti theft professional backpack industry.

It is definitely not as big or famous as Bobby or ClickPack Pro, but it is definitely a very well-known manufacturer of good quality theft-proof backpacks.

Tigernu is the ultimate slap in the face of those who believed that traditional anti theft travel backpacks don’t have the space needed for everyday professional or academic life.

The capacity of this backpack is 22 liters and with plenty of compartments and pockets, this is the perfect anti theft professional and a business backpack that you need to pack motherlode of gadgets, books, stationery, items of personal use and definite clothing for one night.

It is on the sweet spot of professional backpacks and one-night travel backpacks.

So, for all of you who complain about business backpacks with less space and zero pockets on the outside, this is exactly what you need.

Here’s the detail about all the pros and cons of this product.

What we liked
  • Large Exterior Pockets
  • Water Resistant Material
  • Big Hidden Pocket on Backside to Accommodate a Tablet
  • Lockable Double Layer Zipper
What we didn't like
  • Clumsy Zippers
  • Seams are likely to come out
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What I forgot to mention in this backpack’s pros is that it is actually a very roomy laptop and lots of pockets make it possible to easily organize it.


There is not everything good about this laptop. In terms of zippers, they tried to copy ClickPack Pro, but they failed

Likewise, the problem with poorly done seams is pretty clear.


The number of people who actually complained of the poor quality zipper and seams is easily outnumbered by 750+ customers who bought this laptop bag and loved it for so many amazing features.

Let us take a look at all the pros separately.

  • Large Exterior Pockets

The biggest advantage of this backpack is that not only it has pockets on outside of the bag, but these pockets are plenty and big enough to carry anything.

For example:

There is this big sleeve on front; this one can easily accommodate a medium-sized tablet. Then comes the zippered pocket that is almost same the size of this bag.

The zips can be locked and inside there are organizer mesh pockets and zips and pen holders etc.

This is best for your stationery and other items.

Then there are two more zipper pockets: one on each side of the bag. They have an elastic strip that turns them into elastic pockets so they easily and tightly hold onto a heavy item such as a bottle full of water or juice or tea.

The pockets and the way they have been wired to organize and keep secure all your important stuff makes this backpack better than backpacks like Bobby and ClickPack Pro: not to mention that the secondary compartment zipper pocket is totally lockable.

  • Water Resistant Material

The material on the front and sides of this backpack is made of a water-resistant material.

This is not water-proof in a scenario of heavy rain (you will either have to buy a cover or an umbrella to keep with you), but this backpack can always take a splash and smile back at you.

All you need to do is to wipe clean the surface with a small piece of cloth.

  • Big Hidden Pocket on Backside

This laptop kicks it at being one of the best anti theft travel backpacks.


Well, it has two main compartments: primary and secondary and both can be locked with a number lock.

Then on the backside, from the spine to the lumbar area there is another pocket that is hidden behind the padding.

That is large enough to accommodate a big tablet or a 15.6” laptop.

Then on the lumbar area, there is a pocket hidden into the padding of backpack’s backside. This is most suitable for your cell phone, passport, documents, and iPod, etc.

  • Lockable Dual Layer Zipper

Following in the footsteps of ClickPack Pro, Tigernu also decided to arm this flagship business backpack with anti theft, double layer zipper.

The zipper is 100% lockable, but the number lock does not come with the backpack. You have to buy it separately.

In simple words what these zippers do is make the job of a would-be pickpocket a tad bit difficult. They cannot just stab the zipper for once and get away with everything; they would have to try hard.


A handful of customers had trouble with zipper and to say the least, their experience was not a very pleasant one.

Luckily, the whopping majority of customers didn’t have any such problem.

Speaking of the problem, it is important to mention the biggest issue that many clients had with this backpack.

The double-layer zippers are not high-quality ones. They tend to break or come out.

Then comes the problem with stitching. The seams are not of good quality and they tend to come out. Although, fortunately, this problem was reported by maximum 10 or 15 out of 780+ customers.



Kensington’s SecureTrek Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Kensington SecureTrek 17" Lockable Anti-Theft Laptop & Overnight Backpack (K98618WW)

Check Price on Amazon

Who wants a big and beefy anti theft travel backpack that would even accommodate a big 17” laptop?


I know that many folks with 17” laptops hate most of the anti theft travel backpacks because those are too small and thin to house a big laptop.

But this one does. It has two big and bulky compartments. Both can be zip-closed and both can be locked with the SecureTrek patent-pending Lock Base.

This lock base does not lock the zippers on its own – with this you have to use a TSA approved number lock or a padlock, and you can use the steel wire to lock the bag on an immovable object like a pole.


While locking system is innovative and you won’t see it on any other lock, this is not complete and depends on locking mechanism that you will have to buy separately.

Here: take a look at the most important pros and cons.

What we liked
  • SecureTrek Lock Base System to Lock 4 Zipper Pulls and Wirelock the Backpack
  • Two big and beefy compartments to pack everything for a 2day trip
  • Anti-Puncture Device Compartment Zipper
  • Fully Padded Shoulder Straps, Back and Device Sleeves
What we didn't like
  • The material on the outside is not much sturdy
  • Seams tend to come out
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The problem with all these “seams came out” complaints is perhaps trickier than what we think.

People see a nicely padded, big and beefy backpack and they think that it will take just as much load as they want their ideal professional backpack to take.


These backpacks are not for hiking or backpacking purposes. They are made to house your devices, perhaps a few books and at their best a few threads.


I do not rule out all the complaints as unreal. There are people who genuinely applied due care and did not pack much, but still, they had this issue with seams or corners of the backpack.

Judging them on their number, I do not even need to counter those complaints because they are very few when compared to happy clients.

In the case of this laptop backpack, we have hardly 6 complaints against 80 positive reviews.


Now that I’m done with cons, let us take a look at pros, in detail.

  • SecureTrek LockBase System

The SecureTrek LockBase system is not complete and you can call it a con, but I won’t.


It is because while it is not a lock system in itself and it just tucks in the zipper pulls, there are 3 or more flexible ways how you can use this lock system and this freedom to choose your own style makes it pro.

You can use a padlock or you can use a number lock or you can use a Kensington laptop portable laptop lock and lock it on a fixture.

Whichever style you choose is totally safe and you can master your own way to lock your backpack’s zippers.

  • Two Big and Beefy Compartments

This is a two compartments backpack, and this is definitely a big pro for those who always complain about single compartment small and sleek anti theft travel backpacks.

The compartments are divided into device and other items compartments. You have a separate section for clothes. You can zip the to make sure that clothes do not fall out whenever you open the pack.

This is definitely beyond a daypack that you get when you buy a Bobby or Kopack backpack.


This is not an overnight trip backpack as well; it is a two nights’ backpack with plenty of space that it provides to its users.

  • Anti-Puncture Device Compartment Zipper

The zipper that locks the device compartment (where you keep your laptop, tablet, power bank and headphones etc.) is a special type of zipper.

While it, not a double zipper like in the case of Tigernu laptop, it resists punctures and thus protects the most important compartment of your laptop backpack from stabbing attempts.

A thief or pickpocket would have to try hard to puncture it and unless you leave your bag unattended for more than 20 minutes or so, there is no chance of anyone getting their hands in that compartment.

  • Fully Padded Shoulder Straps, Back and Device Sleeves

The padding on this laptop makes it super easy and lovely to wear it. The shoulder straps are very well padded, which is something you badly need if you go from lightweight and small capacity backpacks to bigger size and much better capacity backpacks.

The padding on the back is placed strategically to save the space for better breathability and yet provide ample support to the ankle, middle back and upper back areas.

For better air ventilation and breathability, they did not connect all three parts, but there is ample space between each of them.



Matein Travel & Business Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Matein Anti Theft Travel Backpack, Large School Laptop Backpack for Men Women with USB Port, TSA Friendly Water Resistant Big College Bag Business Computer Backpacks Fit 17 Inch Laptops, Black

Check Price on Amazon

If you would like to buy two compartments and one big front pocket travel and a work laptop that is also recommended by Amazon (‘Amazon’s Choice’ tag) then Matein anti theft travel backpack is absolutely for you.

It fits a 15.6” laptop and it has decent mesh pockets on both sides to keep a water bottle and umbrella handy.

The pockets are galore and organizing small to big stuff is very easy. Take the big front pocket as an example, it has a tight front pocket as well that can easily house today’s newspaper, your favorite magazine or stationery.

The big front pocket has device organizer design inside – dedicate sleeves for everything, including a pen.

Take a look at all the pros and cons here.

What we liked
  • The Best Storage Backpack – Compartments for Everything
  • Water Resistant and Durable Material
  • Anti Theft Pocket on Backside
  • Adjustable and Breathable on Backside
What we didn't like
  • Zero Anti Theft Features Except for a Hidden Pocket
  • Lousy Stitching
Click for Full Review

Let us discuss these cons first so we can move to the bright side of this backpack.

It is hardly an anti theft travel backpack. Literally, one of those that have the minimum possible anti theft features.

I was about to click that little cross on the top-right corner (because even the best professional backpack cannot be declared “anti theft” without well-known anti theft features e.g. slash-proof material, anti-stab zippers, TSA approved lock and retractable wire-lock etc.), but then I noticed the only anti theft thing that they did to this backpack: a hidden pocket on the backside.

The other problem, although not reported but only by a few of 2,550+ reviewers on Amazon, is the stitching. This is the most common problem that you find in cheap and affordable backpacks.

The seam start coming out after some time. However, this was not reported by many, as it has been mentioned. This backpack is one of the cheapest backpacks on this list and it offers amazing value for money.

Here’s the detail about pros.

  • Best Storage Backpack

Whether you’re a fan of more compartments or more pockets, this backpack will always satisfy you to its best.

We’re talking about two front pockets (one big with gadget organizer and one small), one hidden pocket in the sleeves of the big front pocket, two sides mesh pockets, one hidden pocket on the back and more pockets in the large main compartment, to help you organize your stuff.

Then come the compartments. The main compartment, that I’ve just mentioned is for EDC items, gadgets and clothes.

There is a separate compartment for laptop and tablet. That compartment is very well padded to protect your precious work devices from impact and scratches.

  • Water-Resistant and Durable Material

This backpack is water-resistant and a little drizzling won’t hurt it, but definitely, we cannot say the same about a downpour.

However, it is 100% good against splash; water will not make its way inside a bag and just wipe it clean with one piece of cloth.


The material is durable polyester fabric with a rugged feel to it. You will not easily rip this apart. The backpack is made to accompany you for at least 3 to 5 years.

  • Anti Theft Pocket on Backside

Skillfully, in the padding on the backside, down there in the lumbar area, they made big curved padding of highly breathable material and in there is a big hidden picket.

This pocket can take everything: from your big cell phone to your passport and documents and small gadgets etc.

  • Adjustable & Breathable on Backside

There are D-shape buckles on shoulder straps and the straps themselves are 100% adjustable. Then comes the padding; they applied padding in three areas and covers shoulders and lumbar area while making sure that there are optimum breathability and air ventilation through the padding.

So rest assured that you will not get that wet back from this backpack that you get with those that do not care about ventilation and breathability.



Hanke Anti Theft Travel Backpack

Hanke Expandable Laptop Backpack, Durable Anti-Theft Business Travel Backpack Bag for Women & Men,Casual Daypack Water Resistant College Schoolbag 15.6 in Computer Rucksack(Black)

Check Price on Amazon

Hanke is one of those anti theft travel backpacks that are leaning more towards a very basic anti theft design without any locks, wires and steel wires in shoulder straps, etc.

Just like an early version of Bobby:

This is the reason why Hanke is one of the most affordable backpacks on this list. This sort of design seems to be impressed by the ultralight movement from hiking backpacks and gear.


Minimalism with security is the key to understand this backpack and others like it. However, it does not mean that there is a complete lack of security features.

Read this part and you will get why Hanke is just another perfect theft-resistant backpack for those who like a mix of security and affordable price.

What we liked
  • Level 4 Water-Resistant Polyester Fabric
  • Hidden Zipper and 2 Hidden Pockets
  • Two Side Pockets for Umbrella and Water Bottle
  • Thick Padding in Laptop Compartment
What we didn't like
  • Poor Stitching and Seams
  • Straps are Likely to Break
Click for Full Review

Let us first discuss all the pros before we jump to the cons.

  • Level 4 Water-Resistant Polyester Fabric

The material made in the making of this backpack is level 4 water-resistant polyester fabric. It is sturdy and it has a rugged surface.

The quality of fabric assures that this pack will remain with you for a long time. However, the water-resistant would not work against heavy rain.

It will only resist a little sprinkling or a splash, you should have a piece of cloth with you to wipe it off as soon as you can.

  • Hidden Zipper and 2 Hidden Pockets

The anti theft design of this backpack is pretty simple. It follows in the footsteps of Bobby and many others.

A sleeve that goes from one end to another horizontal end covers the zipper and even you cannot access it as long as it is on your shoulders.

A thief cannot touch your back and open this bag.

Then there comes not 1 but 2 hidden pockets. One of them is for the cell phone and it is located on the left side. It is totally invisible except for the person who owns the bag and knows where it is.

Then comes the other hidden pocket. It is embedded into the backside of the bag – in the padding. This one is also invisible unless someone takes a close look at it and inspects that area.

In that pocket, you can keep important documents, money, and wallet, etc.

  • Two Side Pockets for Umbrella and Water

Well, this makes me laugh.

ClickPack Pro is the most expensive backpack on this list and all they do is give you a retractable pocket that keeps dangling back and forth while you walk or run.

The second most expensive smart backpack: Bobby, does not have any side pocket whatsoever.

And look at this cheap copy of Bobby. People at Hanke copy the style but made changes that make this bag better.

It has two fixed and “permanently there” pockets that keep a tight grip on whatever you put in there: water bottle, coffee flask, umbrella or torch, etc.

  • Thick Padding in Laptop Compartment

The laptop and tablet sleeves of this backpack are very well padded and there is a snap with computer image on it with which you can securely tuck in your valuable gadgets.

The fully padded sleeves not only protect these devices from impact, but they also protect them from scratches.


Now, comes the hard part. The cons!

The biggest problem with this anti theft travel backpack is exactly what you will find in case of each and every affordable backpack.

The stitching and seams are not quality. They are not done skillfully and this is the reason that even light pressure or weight will make them come out.

The other problem is with straps, but this was reported only 1 of the 188 reviewers. The strap broke!


These negative reviews were shared by hardly 6-10 of the 188 confirmed buyers/reviewers. So, it is totally your call.



Where I Rank These Top Ten Urban Backpacks

Do you remember that we set criteria at the beginning of this post? Based on that criteria we made a table (after through search) and you can take a look at this table, see where each of the stands and choose the one you like the most.

Based on our understanding and these criteria, here are the top 3 anti theft travel backpacks of 2020.

Best 1:  ClickPack Pro : because of innovative protective features

Best 2: Bobby  :because of being a pioneer of the hidden zipper and hidden pocket style

Best 3: Metrosafe LS450 :because of innovating its own set of protective gimmicks + shoulder strap protection

I must say that a few other backpacks also impressed me, but this is the best 3 that I could choose.

Criteria for Rating Top Ten Anti Theft Travel Backpacks + What You Should Look for While Buying Theft-Resistant Backpacks


Before I go about reviewing and rating each of the backpacks on this list, you need to know how I rate them and what are the most important characteristics of an anti theft travel backpack.

Each and every one of them does not necessarily have to be a tech backpack; actually, the most famous and best smart backpacks are not rich in tech – they just have some good anti theft features.

Here we will take a look at them:

  • Material

You must know that almost all backpack manufacturers use materials like Cordura, rip-stop nylon and polyurethane-coated nylon or polyester to make their packs more rip and tear-resistant and water-resistant.


Most of you do not know that backpacks like Bobby and others use a special type of slash-proof material to ensure that no one would be able to cut, rip or tear open your backpack.

Cut-Tex is one of those slash-proof materials that they use in such bags and if you’ve been researching about your dream theft-proof backpack you must have heard of Kevlar fabrics, that’s a fabric made the same way Kevlar bullet-proof jackets are made.

  • Theft Proof Design

It depends why a backpack manufacturer company calls its backpacks “theft-proof”. When it comes to the best of them, the term “theft-proof” means slash, tear and stab-proof material, hidden zippers or locked zippers and hidden pockets etc.


Most of them do not have material like Kevlar Fabric, and others would not have a TSA approved ziplock.

Most of them call their backpack theft proof only because the zipper is not on the open side, but the side that hugs your back. This way, no one can open the zipper without disturbing you and this means zero chance, unless that someone has a razor blade.

Then there comes a variety of backpacks that only have hidden pockets, but they are so small that you can hardly hide a tablet, a passport, a wallet or similar items.

  • Tech


I know that most of the anti theft travel backpacks do not have much tech, but some of them have an integrated power-bank or solar panel, and all of them, at least most of them, have USB charging ports and headphone ports.


If you want to have a water-resistant backpack with tech features, make sure you at least get these two ports.

  • Number of Compartments

We know that after Bobby almost all travel backpacks for men started to have the almost same design. The bag opens up wide and there is either one big section with laptop and tablet pocket and a gadget organizer on the inner side of the face of your backpack.

Or there are those that have two sections – one for gadgets and books, etc. and one for the items of personal use e.g. clothing, ditty bag and shoes, etc.


Before you click that “Add to Cart” button, make sure that you have the number of compartments that you want.

Add pockets to this too. The number of pockets depends on your personal choice and requirements.

  • Hidden Pockets and RFID Protection

Why I combined them both in one heading? Well, it is because they do the same job; they protect your information, data and little gadgets from would-be thieves.

The RFID blocker pocket or pouch that not all, but some bags come with, protect your ATM cards and credit card’s data from being stolen and used.

These RFID blocker pockets or pouches save you just as much money as you can imagine because if some smart tech-savvy thief manages to steal all important data encoded in smart labels, through radio waves, they can buy whatever they want and make you pay until you die.

As of hidden pockets? Well, they are mostly designed in the pack padding of the backpacks and not only no one can get access to them without fighting with you, but they’re almost invisible too.

  • Size of Laptop

Most of the professional backpacks are designed to host a 15.6” standard size laptop. However, you can easily find those which have enough space for a 17” laptop or which are too smart that they are made only for your 12” to 14” notebook laptops.

You have to be sure about the size of your laptop and see if an everyday backpack, that you like, has enough space for your laptop.

  • The volume of the Backpack

Whether you go for the best smart backpack in the market or the bulky one with two compartments, always be sure about the volume of the backpack.


Backpacks are not measured in size because a 32” big hiking backpack can be so narrow that it will hardly have all your essentials.

This is why when you go for buying a backpack you see that these are defined in liters. 15 liters, 30 liters, 50 liters … so on and so forth.


Ideally, a daypack – that professionals use for everyday purposes, should be anywhere from 15 liters to 35 liters maximum.

What you can and what you cannot expect from Security Travel Backpacks?

This is an important question, and before we jump to the part where we will dissect each and every of the best 10 v travel backpacks and get to know their nitty-gritty, it is the time to get your expectations straight and tell you what you may and what you may not expect from these bags.

What You May Expect from Anti Theft Travel Backpacks?

Here is what you may expect from your anti theft travel backpacks:

  • TSA approved zip-lock to keep your zips protected against a hand lurking behind you in the darkness of a jam-packed metro.
  • Retractable wire lock to make sure that no one will be able to remove it from where you wire-locked it.
  • Double zipper from YKK that will protect your bag’s zippers from stab that normal zippers cannot stand.
  • Hidden pockets and RFID blocking pockets or pouches to conceal and protect your data, your gadgets and important documents.
  • Slash-resistant fabric that will stand stabbing, slashing and other such attempts.
  • Waterproof fabric or waterproof covers to protect your valuables from water.
  • The USB port and headphone port + in some cases an integrated power-bank or solar panel.
  • Different compartments, gadget organizers and pockets to organize your stuff
What You May Not Expect from Anti Theft Travel Backpacks?

Alright, here is what you may not expect from even the best security backpacks – at least from those that are readily available at Amazon.

  • Too much tech e.g. synchronize it with some app to keep yours from forgetting items that you always keep in your bag. Such business backpacks have already been made, but they are subject to trials and funding. They are not available on a reputable and customer-friendly website like Amazon.
  • Some sort of theft alarm – no, it is not a car and as I have explained in the previous point, too much tech-savvy bags are still under trials or they lack funding and thus they are not available for sale.
  • Some smart mechanism to bring the entire bag from your back to front by pulling a string. Sounds funny? Well, such a bag is already waiting for enough funding and concept it cute because every time having to remove the back just to get an energy bar out is not a great deal. But these things are not on the market yet.


Yes, I know. You have questions! Here are the answers to most frequently asked questions about professional and theft-proof backpacks.

What is an anti theft travel backpack?

One that has at least one of the features like hidden zipper or pocket or else.

How Does anti theft travel backpack work?

It is just like a normal backpack with more protection. Protection can be provided via a lock or hidden zipper.

How to hang anti theft travel backpack?

There is no serious care involved in hanging it; just hang like you hang other backpacks.

Are anti theft travel backpacks worth it?

Yes. Have a look at the statistics of pickpocketing incidents in big metros to get a better idea.

How to charge an anti theft travel backpack?

Almost 80% of these backpacks have a USB port on one side or another. Just connect your mobile’s USB wire with it and start charging. However, before doing so make sure a charged power-bank is inside and connected to the port.

How to use an anti theft travel backpack?

Just like you use any other backpack, but make sure that you use its protective features e.g. wire-lock.

Where to buy an anti theft travel backpack?

Always buy from Amazon because if your item comes damaged or defected you can return within 14 days.

What is the best anti theft travel backpack?

In my personal opinion, ClickPack Pro is the best.

How to open an anti theft travel backpack?

If it uses a hidden zipper, reach out to its back and on top, under the sleeve, you will find the zipper. If it uses a locking mechanism, use key or combination to open it.

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