Basketball Tips for Short Players

Basketball Short Players Tips

So, you’re short?

Ain’t no shame in that.

God knows that one of the fiercest US soldiers in World War 2 was a man hardly 5 feet tall.

And basketball is just a game – it is not as difficult a matter as war.

It is not a matter of life or death – short people can easily do this.

What if:

I told you that not only short people can play basketball, but they can use their short height as an advantage over tallboy.

Wouldn’t that be simple mindboggling?

Here are the tips that can help you play better basketball with your short height. Number 3 shoes you how to use your short height as an advantage.

Best Basketball Tips for Short People (3 EASY STEPS)

Get Better at Dribbling

Dribble - Short Player Basketball Tips

I know:

Getting better at dribbling is not equal to dunking the hoop. I also know what’s in your mind now – that tall people dunk the hoop easily.

Some of them even jump incredibly high, hold the hoop and shove the ball down its throat.

I know you love doing that, but perhaps you can try a more objective and logical approach and learn something that short people are naturally better at.

It’s dribbling.

A known secret of dribbling is to reduce the distance that ball covers between the court and the player’s hand.

Bigger the distance, easier it will be for the defenders to snatch the ball. So, be really good at dribbling – learn some more tactics e.g. how to bend the body to reduce the distance even more.

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Ace the Floater

Basketball Tips for Short People - Best Tips

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post – the biggest strength of a tall person is that they can dunk the hoop in many different ways.

They even jump to dunk the hoop – something that short players cannot do easily.

However, you do not always have to jump in order to shoot the ball.

There is this shooting technique that is called floater.

Do not waste your time learning to jump higher and do know that your jumps will be blocked by the defense.

Instead, ace the skill called floater – dodge them running with right and left foot sides movements. This is how short people dunk hoop.

Be Quick

Be Fast - Basketball Tips for Short Players

We know that offense is what attracts all the eyes and people love to be offensive in basketball.


All of us are bound by our construct – short people are not too good at offense. I told you to play the floater technique and be a better offender.

But it is a known fact that short people are more likely to be better at defense when you compare it with an offense.

So how do you master your defense skills?

The first one is to be quick – because of body mass and gravity or whatever, short people are quicker than the tall ones.

You can D up the offense and take possession of the ball because of that.

Another trick is to corner the offense – get really close to the opponent and do not give him enough space.

They’re tall and you’re short – remember that in their case ball has to travel for quite a while before it reaches them. Try to snatch it then and there.

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