Basketball Tips for Beginners

Basketball Tips for Beginners

Basketball is a sport like all other sports that you may have been playing or just watched on the screen.

There is no denying that learning to play basketball like a pro is all about practice and the years you invest in it.

Admitted that you’d always face a learning curve and depending on your natural stamina and aptitude for this game, your hard work and time that you commit, learning to play basketball will take time.

However, here are a few basketball tips for the beginners.

There is no hack that can make you a good basketball player overnight.

However, these proven and tested basketball tips can help you learn basketball faster than you’d usually do.

Best Basketball Tips for Beginners


Basketball Tips for Beginners - Dribbling

You might not believe this but basketball is actually easier than other games. At least there not too many things that you need to learn or too many factors to pay attention to.

If you learn dribbling and everything that comes with it – you learn half of the game.

And if you learn to dunk the hoop with maximum accuracy that can be expected from a beginner, you have learned it all.

When it comes to dribbling, there are a few important tips to remember:

  • Dribble in a relaxed position – your knees and your shoulders should be relaxed. Your body should be bent down and you should not use your shoulders a lot. The trick is to master the dribble with the movement of your lower arm and elbows.
  • Reduce the time the ball will take to bounce back and strike your hand again. Bend your body and lower your hands to reduce the distance – this will minimize defenders’ chances of stealing the ball.


Shooting - Best Basketball Tips for Beginners

What’s shooting?

As most of you already know this shooting means to dunk the ball. And there are many tips that can help you become a better shooter.

Dunking the hoop is your goal and to achieve this goal, not only you should not how to shoot, but what must be the positions of both of your hands and the position of the elbow while shooting.

Follow these tips:

  • Do know which one is your strong hand. Are you righty or lefty? Position your strong hand underneath the ball with all fingers spread and palm touching the ball. You should have a strong grip on the ball.
  • Use the other hand to support the ball – this hand should be on top. Now reach as close to the hoop as you can and then shoot the ball with the joint between your hand and your arm working like a lever. That is, your hand should be in a relaxed mode while shooting.

Learn the Fundamentals

Learn the Fundamentals - basketball tips for beginners

Let us assume that you have learned everything about shooting and dribbling – this would still not make you the best basketball player unless you learn fundamentals.

What fundamentals you should learn?

Well, there are quite a few – for example, triple threat moves, driving to the basket, passing the ball in a few different ways, foul shooting, layups, jump stops and many others.

Get your head around these tips, tricks, and fundamentals and you’re good to go.

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