Anthony Leon Tucker Jr.

Tucker was born in 1985 in Raleigh. North-Carolina.US dated May 5.Tucker spended 2007 to 2011 in different countries of world the countries revisited are as follow; Israel, Ukraine, Italy , Greece and lastly  Germany. Tucker is an American national having nationality. He got his studies from the University of Texas in Austin and he went to Enloe high School prior to play basketball in college he was also a player for the University of Texas .

In 2002 Tucker acquired a name am” North Carolina player of the year” because of his performance and afterwards number written on his Jersey was never use again., He played three seasons for University of Texas and all those years he  scored 1169 points which includes is career top 594 points in the season from 2005-2006 which in including 714 re-bounds and 170 asists. 

Anthony Leon Tucker Junior career

In 2006 “NBA draught” Tucker procured by “Toronto raptors” by 35th take, and he dash of with Toronto raptors on 2006 dated 26 July, in 2007 raptors coach announce that Tucker will be send to Colorado 14 of NDL.

In season from 2007-2008,Tucker dash of with Hapel Holon from a league of Israel because of him the team won the MVP cup.

In the next year from 2008-2009 he dash-off with “BC_Donets” team which was advanced tu to basketball Ukrainian super league; in his first game he LED the team to obtain third position in the the league.

In 2010,Tucker dash of with Aris-bc for the season which will be held from 2010-2011 but later on he signed off from team in March.

In 2011,Tucker dash of agreement with a team from Germany called “Brose baskets bemberg”. While a year later in 2012 2017 assigned the contract with saint Petersburg sportek from Russia but later on that year hi sign of f and joint Phoenix Suns national basketball association of Summer league with Suns he dashed off agreement from 2012 dated 1st August of 2 year. In a game which his team lost to Golden state warriors he put his best performance the game by recording 10-points and 2-rebounds.

In 2017 dated 23rd February hi get back to to Toronto raptors with change of Soullinar, after a selection in raptors the next day game opposite to Boston celtis he scored his game top score. And on 2017 dated July 6 he dash of f 32 million dollar agreement with a team called Rocket-Houston.

Anthony Leon Tucker Junior personal life

AnthonyTucker is is his father name and Aleshia Tucker is his’s mother the real name of his is is Anthony Leon Tuvker Junior but he was famed within a name” Pop_junior” and sometime PJ. Anthony fathers spend most of his life in serving his country by joining the army.

JP remained  a subject of abuse counselling and screening while in mean times dated may 2014 he was taken into a custody bye Scott-sdale police he was remaind in jail for 3 days and after word he was Force to remain in in house for or 11 days and some tracing device was placed on his car for one and half year.

Tucker produced two childrens from his wife called Tracey Tucker which were his beeen girlfriend for a long time period. Is the father of Aliyah Tucker  daughter and King Tucker son. 

What shoe size does PJ wear?

PJ wear 6 foot 6 inch long shoe you and in US his size is 14.

What shoe brand does PJ wear?

PJ is seen obsessed about his sneakers while choosing oone, from record it is stated that he spent $200,000 on sneakers only  in one season


The most likely sneakers hi weird are are Houston rockets and he passed statement about these shoes that he was looking for that kind of you form long time.

Air-Jordan4(Cactus Jack)



Nike-Air -Mastro 2 (Trifaecta)

Nike-Lebron 12low

Tucker’s most favourite Are Nikes, and he got some deals with Nike and Air Jordan too.

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