Alex Len

Alex Len is a professional basketball player who is born on 16th June 1993 in Antratsyt Ukraine. He has been a part of number of teams before his NBA career started including Dnipro of Ukraine League and Maryland of Atlantic Coast. He is currently playing in National Basketball Association for Atlanta Hawks.

Alex Len Early Life

Alex Len started playing basketball since he is 13 years old. He studied in Dnipropetrovsk Ukraine. He also took part in Under 16 and Under 18 FIBA Europe Championships for Ukraine. He was the first best scorer in U18 Championship.

After playing those championships he joined Ukrainian Super League and played for Dnipro.

Alex Len College Career

He studied in University of Maryland where he got sports scholarship. His average stats in first year were 6 points and 5.4 rebounds. He suffered an injury in the end of first year. Alex Len started his 2nd year’s career with a bang, scoring 23 points in a single game. His average in that season was 12 points per game for 38 games. After that he was appeared in NBA draft in 2013 but he suffered another injury and he was out for 6 months.

Alex Len Professional Career

Later on, he was picked by Phoenix Suns in 2013 where he played for 5 seasons. His debut was against Utah Jazz. His 2014 season came up with some good performances including a double in a match against San Antonio Spurs when he scored 10 points and 11 rebounds. After that in the same season he scored his career best 19 points and led his team to victory over Boston.

His average in NBA Summer League was 11 points and 10 rebounds per game. His season highest score was 23 points which again came against San Antonia Spurs, unfortunately, he lost that match. In that same season he recorded 31 points ad 15 rebounds and lead his team to victory against Orlando magic. His stats in 2015 season were 9 points and 7.5 rebounds per game in 46 games he started.

In 2017/18 season he scored his season highest 17 points against Los Angeles Lakers and also recorded his career highest 19 rebounds against Minnesota Timberwolves.

Later on in 2018 he signed for Atlanta Hawks In a 2 year contract for $8.5 million. He is currently playing there too. He broke his own high score against Milwaukee Bucks scoring 33 points.

What shoes does Alex Len wear?

Alex Len is currently wearing Nike Kyrie 4 shoes. He has previously worn Nike Hyper Dunk 2017 shoes.

What is the size of Alex Len’s footwear?

The size of Alex Len’s footwear is 15.

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