AHP AlphaTIG 200X Review 2020 [TOP RATED]


If you’re a welder, the most significant device in your arsenal is a welding machine. With dual voltage feature and a new torch, this pocket friendly welding machine can be utilized for welding different types of metals including copper and stainless steel. When you are looking for options to buy a welding machine, you ensure that you’re buying a latest one with new features. It is a latest model with some cool features, and you’ll surely face difficulty to find a superior quality TIG welder which provides best possible results. If you’re still unsure about AHP AlphaTIG 200X then you must review the key features of this model and see if it can meet your requirements.

Key Features

  • Usability

The AHP AlphaTIG 200k is a superb, adaptable unit that is easy to understand and use. It’s incredible for welding aluminum, copper, and stainless steel. Changing between DC/AC option can be simply done by a button located on the front of welding machine. This welder is specially designed for TIG welding for creating smooth arcs and for the better performance. There are some extraordinary features in 200X in a low price such as 2T/4T switch if you are looking to weld with a foot pedal. The options given on the front of the machine maybe new and hard to understand for the beginners, but they can surely learn it by user manual. The machine also contains a digital amperage which you can see during weld.

  • Price

One of the best things about this welder is the price tag. It costs nearly $1000, which is a good price for an AC/DC TIG welder. A welder of this category and with these features is hard to find in this price. The low cost is because the AHP brand is a new one and hasn’t been known until now which makes the buyer uncomfortable before buying this product. No one should hesitate as the brand is giving 3 years warranty if any problem occurs.

  • Transport

It weighs just 50 pounds specially because of the advanced invertor feature. Less weight along with 110v option means that the user can carry and use it anywhere he wants.

  • Power

AlphaTIG 200x is a welder with dual voltage feature and can be run on both 110v and 220v which makes it a great machine as it can be used in household jobs easily. The voltage can be switched by a plug.  Moreover, on 200A it delivers a duty cycle of 60% and 35% on 155A.


  • Amazing arc cutting feature
  • Easy to carry
  • You can use it as a TIG welder
  • It has a dual voltage feature



  • Front panel menu can be a bit complicated for starters
  • Customer service isn’t the best as compared to big brands.



There are welding machines available in the market in this price range, but you won’t find any welder with TIG welding and dual voltage feature in 1000$ price tag. It is a less risky deal as AHP is giving 3 years warranty on this machine.

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