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Acorn Collector

If you are interested in growing acorns, then you may want to consider adding a berry bush to your landscape.

Growing acorns can be an enriching experience. It is a great idea to have a few bushes growing in the garden and filling out space.

Several methods are available for the successful growth of acorns.

There are many books, websites, and a myriad of resources that will help you choose the method of acorn gathering that will best suit your situation.

Some of the typical acorn collecting methods include: digging up the acorns from the ground, drying them off, picking them at the pit, transplanting, or wood chipping. In each of these methods, there are pros and cons.

Selecting which method to use will depend on the size of your area, whether the acorns you need to collect are small or large, and what part of the country you live in.

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Adding a Berry Bush to Your Landscape & Acorn Collector

The size of the acorns to be collected will depend on your personal preference. For instance, a small acorn would require only a hole about three-quarters of an inch deep and three inches wide. Smaller sized acorns could be collected using a hole five feet in diameter and nine inches deep.

Once you have dug up your acorns, they should be put into baskets and kept in a cool, dry place. To dry the acorns, they need to be wrapped in cloths or paper for some time. It’s best to cut off the wings if the acorns have been tied back as they are likely to mold and split apart when dried.

To dry the acorns, you will need to remove as much moisture as possible from the husk of the acorn. Be sure to wash off any foreign matter and dirt that have collected under the husk. If you have a furnace, be sure to turn it off and put the room out of doors until the acorns are completely dry.

If the acorns are large enough to hold, a berry bush can be used to collect the acorns. Some several different designs and styles are available that you can use to design your berry bushes. A simple model would be to line the base of the berry bush with plastic or mesh to trap the air that it needs to stay moist.

When a sunflower, zinnia, or even tulip is placed in the center of the ground, it will allow for the air to circulate the plant, and the acorns will be picked up quickly. This enables the acorns to be thoroughly dried before they go into storage. Your choice of method will depend on what you are comfortable with and how many acorns you have to pick up.

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